The Almased Effect

Originated from natural healing practice

What makes Almased so unique?

More than 30 years ago, holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé developed a unique nutritional formula for the metabolism using a holistic approach. To accomplish this, he needed only three natural ingredients: non-gmo soy, yogurt, and honey. With these ingredients, he developed a formula consisting of specific, easily digestible proteins and a unique combination of indispensable amino acids and natural honey enzymes. As a result, he discovered a holistic mode of action that happens when all three ingredients are combined, which cannot be attributed to a single active ingredient in the product, even to this day. In Almased, a nutritional synergy takes effect from the individual ingredients working in concert, bringing the body and its processes back into balance and reactivating the self-healing powers.

The Almased Effect

The ingredients of Almased work together in a unique way. During the complex manufacturing process, each ingredient merges and interacts, intensifying their effect. High-quality raw materials, a precise mixing ratio, and a unique production process activate the Almased effect, enhancing the natural impact of natural ingredients, which wouldn't happen by simply mixing ingredients.

Our manufacturing process is unique

Special processing during production stimulates a synergistic effect, which improves the bioavailability of the individual ingredients and creates biologically active substances known as bioactive peptides. These peptides produce many favorable health-promoting properties for the body. Therefore, the result of processing is not just an ordinary weight loss product but an innovative superfood supplement for holistic wellness, with the unique Almased effect.

The focus is on the ingredients

We make no compromises when it comes to our ingredients. Almased contains the highest quality non-GMO soy, protein-rich non-fat yogurt and natural enzyme-rich honey.

The key lies in the preparation process

The gentle production process ensures that sensitive honey enzymes remain active and the bioactive plant substances from the soy plant and yogurt cultures can develop their full potential.

The secret is within the mixing ratio

For years, we have maintained a precise mixing ratio, which is so important to the uniqueness of our product. That is why our recipe has always been a secret and continue to remain so.

André Trouillé:

"Almased highly benefits the health of our society. Because so many people have used Almased as part of a healthy lifestyle for a long time, we know that Almased is not just a fad but a lifestyle solution that is here to stay."

More about Almased quality

Scientifically tested by a multitude of institutes and many renowned universities since 1999, the studies are available publicly through several scientific online databases. The studies confirm the positive influence of Almased on body weight, various metabolic markers, performance and lifestyle factors. Interestingly, since Almased as a product and the Almased effect are so unique, other products cannot duplicate the results.

7 facts that contribute to the Almased effect

1. Weight Loss


Initially invented over 30 years ago to improve metabolism and metabolic function as the primary outcome, Almased also supports weight loss. This secondary benefit of weight loss is not surprising, considering if we consume the proper nutrients and have an optimally functioning metabolism, weight loss will naturally regulate itself. To understand this further, scientists have measured and analyzed the influence of Almased on various metabolic processes (such as hunger and satiety regulation, calorie consumption via basal and energy metabolism, and fat-burning rate). As a result, studies show that Almased can positively and significantly impact weight and weight management. What started as a natural side effect of improving metabolism and metabolic function has led Almased to become the number 1 product for weight loss without hunger in Europe.

2. Lean Muscle


During your diet with Almased, you can be sure that your muscle mass will remain* despite weight loss and that you will be able to break down more fat**. The unique combination of animal and vegetable protein creates a multi-component protein that is optimally absorbed by the body. The amino acids needed to maintain muscle mass can thus be better metabolized while your body focuses on burning fat.

*Proteins contribute to the increase and maintenance of muscle mass.
**Zinc contributes to normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

3. Healthier Blood Sugar Levels


Since Almased has a low glycemic index, it is diabetic-friendly. Embodying high-quality ingredients and a rich amount of protein while containing minimal carbs, Almased supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Studies show dieting with Almased helps people with Type 2 diabetes better manage carb intake and, therefore, blood sugar fluctuations, which positively impacts diabetes blood markers. 

4. Full of Nutrients


Almased thoroughly nourishes the body. With bioactive plant substances for numerous metabolic processes, optimally-absorbable high-quality proteins from animal and plant sources, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, your body gets everything it needs.

In addition, you won't find artificial sweeteners, fillers, preservatives, or stimulants in Almased.

5. Healthy Aging


An Almased shake contains a unique amino acid profile with all nine essential amino acids.

Lysine, as a component of collagen, and arginine, for example, are amino acids that play a vital role in the anti-aging process. In addition, they promote the release of the youth hormone HGH.

With Almased and a balanced diet, you have the best prerequisites to counteract aging.

6. Quality of Life


With most diets, the quality of life suffers due to dietary restrictions, strict food rules, and lack of nutrients — but not with Almased.

When using Almased, you stay in a good mood and feel energized, despite a negative calorie balance. With essential amino acids such as glutamine and tryptophan for your mood and supplementary micronutrients such as vitamins B12, B5, and B6, which help to reduce fatigue, you feel good and remain resilient and focused even during your diet.

Since Almased nourishes the body completely, it's suitable for almost anyone. Plus, it can be easily adapted and integrated into your everyday life. So try Almased according to our plans or adjust it to fit your lifestyle.

7. Overall Wellness


Is Almased only suitable for weight loss? While this might be your first impression, the answer is no; the benefits of Almased go way beyond weight loss. In over 30 scientific studies, we have investigated the effects of Almased on fatty liver, blood pressure, and all factors of metabolic syndrome. In addition, the latest studies are investigating the impact of the product on the gut microbiome and the central control of our digestive system. Scientific evidence ensures that with a balanced diet and Almased, you can improve your quality of life and wellness on all levels.

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A full day with Almased

Whether at home, in the office, working out, or on the go, you can experience the unique Almased effect anywhere and anytime that you use Almased.

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