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You have decided that you want to go back to your healthy weight. You want a long-term solution that will help you reach sustainable weight loss while possibly losing weight to a greater extent. 
To accomplish this, you want a concrete plan that fits well into your everyday life that will also improve your eating habits. Ultimately, you are thinking long-term and want to be more mindful of your body and health again. Additionally, you want try your best to avoid gluten. 

With our four-phase Figure Plan, we will support you in a simplified way so you can reach your desired healthy weight. Furthermore, since Almased offers everything the body needs for weight loss, you can reduce calories without losing out on essential nutrients. If you have any questions, our Almased experts can help you with your journey.

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The Plan: Achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss

For your profile, we recommend our scientifically-proven four-phase Figure Plan. With this diet plan, you will achieve your feel-good body weight with Almased in a simple way. In addition, this plan focuses on maintaining a balanced diet because it is part of achieving long-term weight loss.
Our Almased experts are available to support you on the way to your own success story.

Our BMI calculator

Do you want to know if your weight is within the normal range or determine how many pounds you need to lose to fall into the green zone? With just a few details, you can find this out with our BMI calculator. At the same time, learn the right portion of Almased that best suits you.

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Discover more ways to use Almased

Are you still looking for a way to use Almased that's the right fit for you? With our range of diet plans, you can optimize your diet and improve your quality of life. If you need more flexibility than our plans offer, explore other ways of using Almased according to your lifestyle or the lifestyle you desire. 

If you have any questions, our team of experts are available to talk to you 1-on-1. Just contact us here.

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Questions about your diet?

Our Almased Diet Plan experts and Registered Dietitian are available to answer your questions and help guide you. Contact us at toll-free 1 (877) 256-2733 or e-mail us at You can also reach us via chat or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram.

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