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Men, Women and Metabolism

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Is there really a difference with losing fat in men and women?

Word on the street is that men have it easier when it comes to weight loss. It seems like men can start a diet and lose weight in a snap, while women have to torture themselves, saying no to almost all foods to lose just one measly pound.

This doesn’t seem fair! Why is it harder for women to lose weight than it is for men? Here’s the skinny on weight loss in women and men.

Men and Caveman Genetics

Genetically, men are at an advantage when it comes to metabolism. Their metabolism is faster since it’s designed for size, strength and speed—to chase a foe, run from a saber-tooth tiger or move that boulder!

Men also have more lean muscle mass than women do and can quickly burn up body fat reserves for energy. This can sure come in handy if they’ve burned more calories than they’ve eaten by working out, dieting or both.

A vital hormone that gets most of the credit here is testosterone. Higher amounts of testosterone circulating in the body, along with more muscle and less body fat, lead to better metabolism.

There is no way women can compete at a genetic level. And women’s bodies are designed to store energy for activities like pregnancy and breastfeeding, which means women naturally store fat easily and have a harder time converting calories to muscle.

The Dreaded “Low T”

But men don’t get a free ride, especially as they get older. As men start to pack on the years, their levels of human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone gradually decrease.

We’ve all heard the term “Low T,” and low testosterone levels contribute to such annoying things as male pattern baldness, decreased libido, sagging energy, muscle wasting and more.

A study out of the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany, looked at health middle-aged men who exercised, had a low glycemic high-protein (LGHP) diet (including the Almased shake) or both.

What did they find? That exercise, like resistance training, did improve a bunch of metabolic areas, but the pro-testosterone effects were much better with the LGHP shake.

Metabolic Differences in Men and Women

Metabolic differences between the sexes also show up in nutritional variations. Since men have greater muscle mass than women do, men have increased calorie needs.

And while women need fewer calories, they have higher vitamin and mineral requirements (such as iron) due to menstruation and pregnancy.

Meaning men can often eat more and still control their weight, but women have to eat less and more healthy foods to stay at a happy weight.

Yup, women can't help but feel jealous when it comes time for dessert!

Women Beat Men in the Dieting Department!

Although men win in the metabolism department, women are way more interested in weight loss. Plus, men are horrible at starting diets and sticking to them.

Just think about the topics of conversations women tend to have:  “I need to lose weight.” “I used to be so thin back then.” “I can’t eat that...never mind, I’ll just have one bite.”

All of this negative self-talk, along with pressure and media messages, pushes women to hop on the latest diet train that comes along.

The good news for the fairer sex? By eating well and exercising a few times a week, women can even up the metabolic odds.  

Ultimately, genes don’t help men fit in the same jeans forever. High levels of motivation and commitment to dieting help women stay healthy in later years when hormones from menopause become her own worst enemy.

For men and women, metabolism slows down with age. So if we’re not careful about what we eat, weight can easily catch up to us.

Evening Up the Odds With an LGHP Diet

The better news is, by introducing the right supplement into a low-glycemic high-protein diet, we can delay the inevitable.

One help for us in slowing the hands of time is Almased, a low carb protein-rich meal replacement shake made of quality ingredients and vitamins and minerals.

Seeking ways to resolve his clients’ health issues caused by a faulty metabolism, Almased’s founder, Hubertus Trouillé, a holistic therapist, created the formula to boost metabolism naturally and without any stimulants.

Almased underwent years of clinical research. What did the scientists find? That Almased helps people burn unwanted fat while keeping their blood sugar levels in a healthy range. They also found that its low-glycemic benefits help people feel satisfied while not increasing their blood-sugar levels.  

Along with the discovery of Almased came an easy phase-by-phase meal replacement program: The Figure Plan. By replacing some meals with Almased, the body can achieve effective weight loss and continual fat burning all day long.

Almased optimizes the metabolism and turns the body into a fat-burning machine!

And that’s something both women and men can celebrate!

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