10 Perfect Summer Healthy Breakfast Smoothies Recipes

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Create a greener future for yourself and the environment. Aim for a full spectrum of rainbow smoothies made from fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, purple plums, leafy greens, orange carrots, white chia seeds, and red raspberries.

It sounds appealing, but is a smoothie healthy for breakfast?

Not all smoothies are equal and substance matters. Check out the protein, carbs, and fat content because they all have different metabolic effects.

Some “healthy” smoothies have little protein or fat, but a whole lot of carbs, mostly from sugar. Metabolically speaking, you’d be eating candy for breakfast! You could also look forward to blood sugar swings, cravings, crashing energy, and you may even become grumpy!

Avoid using high-carb fruit juices, opting instead for whole fruits, favoring those with a low-glycemic index, such as berries. Fruits come with some sugar naturally, but unlike “added sugars,” they contain healthy fiber and valuable phytonutrients.

The best healthy breakfast recipes are high in protein, carry a low-glycemic load, and have some healthy fats. This kind of smoothie can keep you going all morning long – without cravings or crashes.

Almased offers dozens of delicious breakfast smoothies, all based on their low-glycemic high-protein nutritional supplement. Because the taste of the supplement is mild, it compliments a wide variety of flavors without masking their distinctive character.

Of course, the liquid base of a smoothie is essential. If dieting, Almased weight loss powder may be mixed with water only. To avoid high-glycemic fruit juices, and add a creamier texture, choose from milk or plant-based liquids. Notice how they compare in the chart below.

  Calories Carbohydrates (total) Sugars Fat (total) Protein
Cow's milk (whole) 150 12 g 12 g 8 g 8 g
Cow's milk (1%) 110 12 g 12 g 2 g 8 g
Cow's milk (skim) 80 12 g 12 g 0 g 8 g
Almond milk (unsweetened) 40 1 g 0 g 3 g 2 g
Soy milk (unsweetened) 80 4 g 1 g 4 g 7 g
Rice milk (unsweetened) 120 22 g 10 g 2 g 0 g
Coconut milk beverage (unsweetened) 50 2 g 0 g 5 g 0 g


Breakfast Shakes

The idea behind a breakfast shake is using quality ingredients that deliver energy and satiety while helping to balance blood sugar levels throughout the morning and boosting metabolism to fuel you throughout the whole day.

If your style is grabbing breakfast on the run, make your “good morning shakes” quick and easy by preparing ingredients ahead of time. Have any fresh fruits or veggies washed and ready or frozen are also fine to use. Pre-measure your choice of liquid, Almased powder, spices, and flavorings or extracts.

Leave out your electric blender or blender bottle and toss in the ingredients when you’re good to go. Add ice for a wake-up chill, and you're ready to ignite your brain power!

How to Make a Healthy Shake for Breakfast

So-so breakfast shakes become super vibrant and healthy using any Almased recipe. Embellish your shake with a fruit or vegetable along with the Almased formula, and you’ve upgraded to first-class extra.

Add 1-2 tsp. of healthy oil (olive, coconut, or walnut oil), or chia or flax seeds, and you’ve boosted your omega-3’s and fiber requirements while adding a smoother texture. You can even freeze some of your summertime smoothies in a popsicle mold for an after-workout treat.

The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™ is unlike single-action formulas. Almased’s natural plant-based protein and cultured yogurt are fermented using a unique process with quality, enzyme-rich, raw honey.

This potent powerhouse works to maintain healthy blood sugar levels while boosting metabolism naturally. It is an easy diet to stick with because it tastes so delicious and leaves you feeling full and satisfied.

When based on protein, low-glycemic carbs, and healthy fats, rather than just sugar, a breakfast smoothie can become a choice superfood.

Let Almased work its brilliance in your blender!

Summer Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

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