Lose Weight & Keep Muscle

Lose up to 10 lbs in 4 weeks and cut cravings

Support Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

Diabetic-friendly and keeps cholesterol & blood sugar in check

Repair Slow Metabolism

Detox your liver so you can burn fat naturally

Reduce Biological Age

Works at a cellular level to regenerate youth.

Getting Started

Kicking off Your Metabolism Revolution with Almased

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2. Choose Your Plan: Almased helps you achieve weight loss, support blood sugar, or better health, youth, and performance. For each goal, Almased gives special instructions for best results. 

3. Shake it Up: Discover delicious and easy ways to mix Almased and learn how much Almased is the right amount for you to ensure you're getting all the phenomenal benefits of Almased that has been backed by 31 peer-reviewed studies in over 30 years of research. 

Explore our Scientific Studies on Almased

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