"Almased gave me my health back."

Amy W.

Success story of Amy W.

I truly am and continue to be a success story.



Since my last success story in November 2013, I have been very busy. I competed in every triathlon in the South Carolina triathlon series in 2014 (this totaled 14 races for the season). I finished 4th in my age group for the entire series. I also raced in several bike races with the Hincapie Spring Training Series. Although my personal life was very stressful with my husband’s sickness and several other stressors, I was able to keep my health and weight in check.

Just a few weeks ago I had a biometric screening and came out of it feeling like a million bucks. Every one of my numbers was great including my weight and BMI! I was so thrilled to hear this that I felt like dancing. I attribute Almased to my success with weight loss and weight maintenance.

I know Almased is what helped me safely lose weight and is helping me to keep my health. As I enter my 2nd full season of competing in triathlons, I am confident that I will continue to perform at an exceptional level. This energy can be attributed to Almased! I truly am and continue to be a success story.

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