"I feel the cleansing effect of the Almased reset my body."

Cindy J.

Success story of Cindy J.

Being able to find a product that actually works is life changing for me.



Being able to safely achieve and maintain a certain weight loss has always been very important to me. Fortunately I've never had a need for significant weight loss but I have wanted to lose 15-20 lbs in order to feel better about myself. The typical yo-yo dieting and struggling through various diets has not always successfully achieved the results I was after. If they did, I wasn't able to maintain my new weight long term. Achieving and maintaining weight loss is even more of a challenge for me now as I enter into my early 50s and I'm finding that my metabolism has slowed down.

I learned of Almased through a 2-page advertisement in a magazine and I became intrigued on what it could do for me. I wondered if it really worked. After strictly adhering to the Almased plan for the first week I was totally convinced the weight loss claims were true and this product was for me. Immediately I bought two more cans to have on hand, even though I hadn't yet used up the first one. But that's how confident I was that I would be sticking with Almased. Not only did I lose 8 lbs the first week, I noticed my clothes were significantly looser on me. I also found several other factors come to light. Surprisingly I never once craved sweets throughout the entire week. That revelation was amazing for me because with all the other diets I've tried, I always experienced a craving phase about 2-3 days into the diet and this was very difficult for me to push through. Secondly, once I was in the Reduction phase and eating one meal a day, I had a day where I decided to have dessert and I found the treat to be too sweet (unheard of for me!). I didn't even want to finish eating it. This happened not once, but on three separate occasions. I feel the cleansing effect of the Almased reset my body in such a way that sweets are now a deterrent for me and I'm thrilled about it! Avoiding sweets has always been one of the hardest parts about dieting and losing weight.

Being able to find a product that actually works is life changing for me. I no longer need to spend countless hungry days being on a diet only to find short term results. Almased has now become a part of my life and I intend to continue using it throughout the three phases and then as a meal supplement on days when I want to limit my calorie intake. For those days where I may consume too much (e.g. Holidays & special occasions) I feel great knowing I have my Almased to return to the next day. For that reason I can truly enjoy my holiday or special occasion! Thanks Almased!

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