How to Conquer Weight Loss Worries

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

You get that nagging feeling. You've wanted to drop some pounds for a while now. And the idea just won't let you go. 

Maybe an upcoming event is pushing you to look your best. And you know, deep down, that now might as well be the time to set a start date for your weight-loss journey. 

Then self-sabotage kicks in. Thoughts of doubt and discomfort creep up. But why? 

When was the last time you regretted a healthy choice? 

That “push-me-pull-me” effect can crop up easily, and often does, when we’re trying to build up our diet determination.

And, sometimes, the more history we have in battling with weight loss, the more cringe-worthy is the thought of embarking on yet another attempt.

But, willingness more than willpower will get you across the finish line, so here are some fresh perspectives and strategies to help put those doubting thoughts behind you.

“I don’t want to give up what’s comfortable.”

It’s all about attitude, and the key to having a good attitude is having the willingness to change. If your body has already turned to an overweight condition, consider that you may have forgotten how good being more healthy used to feel like...

Most of us like our routines, love our special treats and don't really want to change very much. Food is something we look forward to, and it comforts us, no matter our level of hunger.

Habit-force makes it so easy to go on as always; the daily donut run at work, your favorite convenience foods, and loaded pizza with sodas on the weekends.

We all have a few unhealthy habits, but how different would your life be if your ingrained habits led you to regular exercise, losing weight, sound sleep every night, more productivity, eating healthy meals and feeling good?

“I know it’s just a matter of time before I give in.”

Avoid overwhelm. Upgrade your diet with baby steps. If you make better food choices one at a time, you won’t feel overpowered.

It can be tough to break a cycle using willpower alone. But you can cut unwanted habits by substituting them for better habits rather than going without. 

For example, instead of passing up your morning donut run, pick a low-fat bran muffin or a piece of sweet fruit instead. Love your sandwiches? Switch out sissy white bread for whole-grain and go for more mustard than mayo. 

Deep six the deep-fried for healthier, lower-fat cooking methods, such as baked, steamed or air fried. You can even sauté with liquids instead of oils by using broths, lemon juice, or water to brown and crisp up foods.

“Can I actually develop a taste for healthy foods?”

Wouldn’t life just be heaven if you could crave veggies instead of cake? Well, science proves it’s possible – if you stop eating the cake.

According to researchers from Tufts University and Massachusetts General Hospital, brain scans showed it was possible to reverse addiction to junk food

After six months, those following a special diet increased their sensitivity to healthy, lower-calorie foods in the reward center of their brain.

“We don’t start out in life loving French fries and hating whole-wheat pasta,” says senior author Dr. Susan B. Roberts. And the truth is, the more you eat healthily, the more you come to like it.

The authors note that important features of the weight-loss program did include behavior change education and a high-fiber, low-glycemic menu.

Best Diet for Weight Loss

In fact, the low-glycemic, high-protein (LGHP) diet plan is the cornerstone of the Almased Weight Loss phenomenon™, and for a very good reason: It works!  

Almased shakes are part of a delicious LGHP weight-loss meal plan that was created to boost metabolism, burn fat and support energy levels.

Meals with a lower glycemic index reduce those blood sugar spikes that trigger the release of insulin and can lead to both fat storage and weight gain. 

“Been there. Done that. The weight came back.”

All that effort for nothing? No. You learned from it. 

If you have a history of yo-yo dieting, you know that long-term success depends on the first step; the willingness to accept change. 

Almased also knows a thing or two about dieting. Follow the 4-Phase Figure Plan, and you not only keep the metabolism active for more effortless weight loss, but you sustain results once the diet is over. 

“Still, I’m afraid hunger will win out in the end.”

You’re right—the No. 1 cause of diet failure is hunger. But hunger-struggles are not a requirement to win at fat loss.

Almased was developed in Germany over 30 years ago by holistic scientist Hubertus Trouillé. Intending to activate the metabolism of his overweight patients, he found that Almased also reduced unhealthy body fat. 

Almased shakes and smoothies give a lasting feeling of fullness, or satiety, that stays with you for hours. 

Over 15 years of scientific studies now support the positive effects of Almased. And the science is backed up by evidence-based weight loss from Almased Reviewers and Success Stories.   

“Almased is great. I feel good and can go for 6 hours without getting hungry.” – Joanne, Trustpilot Review 

“I never felt hungry or wanted sweets.” – Karol S., Almased Success Story

Best Weight-Loss Meal Program

Almased’s Figure Plan is also LGHP and based on the principle that some foods are more filling than others. Choosing whole foods with natural fiber and high-protein ingredients helps you to feel fuller for longer. 

And, you do not have to skip meals or go hungry. 

You can create new and tasty eating habits with confidence, knowing that Almased shakes and smoothies are among your very best and healthiest choices. 

“I really want to end this diet-dread.”

With Almased, you can keep a positive mindset and actually look forward to your new regimen. Who says weight loss has to be hard?

Every shake recipe is a boredom buster and, because you know it works, you’ll have confidence feeling slim, energized and healthy. 

Another worry crushed, there’s no need to total up calories on this diet. Almased has already counted the calories for you. 

Simply scoop your Almased and mix up your favorite recipe in a blender bottle. What meal prep could be easier?

“Will I reach my goal in time for my special event?”

Class reunion? A surprise trip to the beach? Estimate 1–2 pounds of weight loss per week. If you’d like to shed more, start even earlier.

If you’re in a sudden time- crunch, go straight to the Bikini-Emergency-Plan for safe and extra-fast weight-loss results.

You don’t have to worry about showing up with a gaunt, diet-look, either. Many Almased users have commented on the improved appearance of their hair, skin, and nails. 

Almased may just be the very best path to reach your dream weight and keep it. 

Look forward to Almased. You’ll be glad you did.

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