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Having A Summer Health Goal? We’ll Help You Reach It

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Now that the sun is lazing about in the sky, you may find yourself asking: ‘is my body summer-ready?’ Our Almased team wants you to feel proud of your body no matter the season. Because we know summertime is when the term “beach body” pops up most often, we want you to have all the tools to reach prime wellness!

Have a plan, not a yo-yo

Most lose-weight-fast plans are yo-yo diets. While you may lose a lot of weight unusually fast, once you hit the breaks on the diet, you gain the weight right back—and sometimes you end up heavier. If you have a summer health goal you’d like to achieve, opt for the 4-step Almased Figure Plan, which allows you to make gradual, lasting changes.

Once you’ve reached Phase 4 of the Figure Plan, refer to our recipes page for healthy meal options, so your slim waist sticks around come September.

Hydrate well

Reminders to hydrate during the summer are always helpful, so here’s a reminder: drink plenty of water. Proper hydration helps with weight loss, lubricating the digestive system and removing waste. Additionally, the brain sometimes confuses hunger and thirst. The more water you drink, the fuller you feel and the least likely you are to reach for processed snacks or sugary drinks to fill you up in between nutritious meals.

It is recommended that women drink 11.5 cups of water a day and men 15.5. If your urine is light yellow or colorless and you rarely feel thirsty, you are likely sufficiently hydrated and on your way to a healthy summer body.

Go easy on the BBQ

Summer barbecues and block parties are always a blast and usually come with plenty of meat, bread, drink, and sugary options. But if you want to maintain a healthy body this summer, go easy on the processed meats-on-sticks, sugary drinks, and the like. If you’ve just got to have barbecue food, stick to one serving and accompany it with a salad. Furthermore, limit your summer barbecue foods to once a week, and compliment the celebratory meals with plenty of whole foods and plant-based meals the other six days.

Share tips in the Almased Support Group

Almased is a weight loss community, and we’re active on social media. Join our Almased Facebook support group and freely share how you stay healthy without yo-yo dieting during the summer months!

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