Americans Are Fatter Than Ever Says The Newest National Health Statistics Report

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

The latest National Health Statistics Reports published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveal that the average weight, waistlines, and BMI of Americans have increased significantly in the last 18 years. The average weight of men and women aged 20 years and over has increased by 8 lbs and 7 lbs, respectively.

Trends in waistline and BMI are similar to weight, showing significant consistent linear increases of 2 inches or more. The increasing weight trends already have a major impact on our health as weight gain over time can lead to increased risk of chronic conditions.


Almased Can Help You Live a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019.


To break this trend, we must look at the underlying issue of weight gain which is a poor lifestyle. Lifestyles with a lack of attention to sensible meals, daily exercise, and healthy habits can inevitably lead to weight gain. Of course, changing a poor lifestyle can positively impact health.

What can you do to make this happen? Almased can help flip your lifestyle around. Here’s how it works:



1. Start Off on a Clean Slate.

Instead of cutting out unhealthy foods slowly, go cold turkey for two weeks. This might sound unrealistic, but with the Almased Diet, it is easy. The first phase of the Almased Diet is the fasting phase. You drink Almased shakes three times a day only with water and veggie broth in between meals.

The Almased shakes keep your hunger at bay and help cut down sugary foods, so your temptations for sugar die off over time. Ideally, fast for 2 weeks to kick your diet off on a clean slate. Being that it’s a new year, just think “out with the old (metabolism), in with the new (metabolism).” 



2. Add Sensible Meals to Your Menu.

After the first phase, you’ll feel revitalized and experience some weight loss, giving you the motivation to continue onto the reduction phase. During this phase, drink two shakes daily and eat one healthy sensible meal. What’s great about this phase is that you only have one solid meal to prepare, so you do not feel overwhelmed with cooking and counting calories.

Your healthy sensible meal should fit on a small to a medium plate and include a portion of lean meat, a mix of colorful vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid fried, greasy or sugary foods. Stay on this phase until you are either close or have reached your desired body weight. Almased will continue to support the metabolism and healthy blood sugar levels throughout your weight loss journey



3. Top Off Each Day With Daily Exercise.

Now that you’ve progressed with your health goals, start adding exercises to your daily routine. Exercise may have not been a big focus at the beginning of the diet, but now that you feel more energetic and lighter, exercise can help you stay fit so that even off days won’t impair your progress.

Add three to four days of 20-30 minutes of strength training exercises that target large muscle groups to your daily routine each week. Continue to drink Almased twice daily and eat one solid meal. Almased will help support muscle growth, which further improves the metabolism.



4. Make a Positive Lifestyle a Habit.

Once you’ve reached your desired body weight, it doesn’t end here. Continue implementing the new habits you’ve learned and drink Almased once daily as a meal or as a supplement to help maintain your weight. Remember, the Almased Diet works effectively, but when you return to poor lifestyle habits the weight you’ve lost can come back.

However, it can be kept off when you’re consistent with the new lifestyle you’ve created. Even though you may be programmed to return to the “old me”, remember that the “new me” feels much happier, healthier, and lighter and this feeling is worth not going back to old habits.


The new health statistics may seem foreboding, but we can be hopeful that if we first aim to make health changes within our ourselves, we can eventually influence our loved ones and our communities, which can help to reduce the progression of weight gain thereby preventing the onset of chronic diseases, positively impacting our nation’s health.

The New Year has begun. It’s a great time of year to turn over a new leaf and tackle unresolved health challenges. In this next year, believe that any effort you make towards your health counts. What new habits are you building in 2019? 

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