Ronja - Nutritionist at Almased

What impresses you most about the Almased product?

Ronja: "The unique effect of Almased on the metabolism - proven by 30 years of continuous research with > 4,000 study participants at independent institutes. The knowledge of the positive effects of Almased on satiety regulation, energy consumption, performance and blood sugar levels. Hearing from our customers how much Almased has improved their lives and that we have been able to accompany them on this journey."

What is your role at Almased?

M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences & Trainee Nutrition and Quality

I started my career at Almased in 2019 as a working student in the social media area. Here, I had the valuable opportunity to support our customers with nutrition tips, help with application questions and the effectiveness of Almased. After successfully completing my Master's degree, I was able to use my expertise to actively participate in various key areas as a trainee. In my current position, I focus on technical communication, expert support, study management and quality assurance.

What is your favourite study with Almased?

Ronja: "One study that I am very excited about is the study on "Health-Related Quality of Life" at the University of Freiburg, which was investigated as part of the ACOORH study series. ACOORH stands for "Almased-Concept-against-Overweight-and-Obesity-and-Related-Health-Risk" and is a Europe-wide, multi-centre study with a large sample size and high statistical significance. The results of the above-mentioned study show that Almased has positive effects on well-being and an improvement in perceived quality of life. The participants who received Almased felt significantly better physically than the people in the control group. Of particular interest was that the increase in perceived quality of life was higher during the period in which they consumed Almased.​​​​​​​"​​​​​​​

Ann Catrin:

"Ronja knows our studies like the back of her hand and has an answer to every question. It doesn't matter how specific the question is - it's no problem for Ronja."

What unique feature of Almased would you like more people know?

Ronja: "The benefits of Almased go far beyond weight loss. This is because Almased can lead to greater health effects, such as better blood sugar control, improved heart health and higher energy levels, among others, as found in our studies. This is due to Almased's holistic mode of action, which is the result of the unique combination of the three raw materials soy, yoghurt and honey, and which to date cannot be attributed to a single active ingredient in the product. In Almased, the unique manufacturing process results in an interplay of the individual ingredients that brings the body and its processes back into balance. The result is not simply a shake for losing weight, but an innovative and high-quality food for holistic well-being, with the unique Almased effect."



"For Ronja, there is no technical question to which she does not know the answer. She knows Almased and its proven effect on the body like no other. Ronja also always knows the perfect answer to our customers' questions and provides them with very personal and individual support."

What is the best success story you can remember?

Ronja: "One success story from our Almased community has particularly stayed in my memory. Starting in January 2020 at our weight loss event, she showed that anything is possible with Almased and that the kilos can still fall even in menopause. With our 4-phase plan, she succeeded in establishing a healthier lifestyle, bringing her weight into the normal range and maintaining it in the long term. To this day, she is a loyal member of our Almased community and supports others with her personal experience and motivation."

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