Helen - Nutritionist at Almased

What impresses you most about the Almased product?

Helen: "I am convinced by the family business and the history behind the Almased brand. To this day, we are a small family team that stands behind Almased and its effectiveness. Almased is also the only product that has been successfully tested in 32 scientific studies. As a nutritionist, that convinced me straight away. The experiences of our customers also show that it still works just as well today and is more important than ever"

Role description

M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences & Content Marketing Managerin

I am responsible for all our content in marketing, from social media to the website to our print ads. As a nutritionist, it is particularly important to me that we provide our customers with all the information about Almased products in a comprehensible way.

What is your favourite study with Almased?

Helen: "The study that fascinates me the most is the series of studies conducted by the University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada, using a metabolic chamber. The results show that Almased has a positive effect on the metabolism even in a very short time. Almased increased energy consumption and at the same time promoted fat loss. And this applies to normal-weight adults, compared to a normal 'western' diet with the same amount of calories."  

Link to the study​​​​​​​ 


"Helen always has an eye for detail and our content. With the ability to write compelling ads, she is a master at getting to the heart of messages like the complex Almased effect. At the same time, she ensures that our website is always up to date, making her an indispensable pillar."

What unique feature of Almased would you like more people know?

Helen: "Anyone who thinks that Almased is only for losing weight is completely wrong. Because the product can do so much more: in a single shake, our metabolism gets exactly what it needs to work productively without overloading it. This is important, because our metabolism is the central hub of our body. Therefore, we should support it with Almased so that it can function optimally. One shake a day is enough for this.

Whether you have type 2 diabetes, are an athlete, use Almased as a dietary supplement or as a flexible solution for losing weight - Almased fits into every day."


"Helen always has an open ear and an answer for every question. She keeps track of everything and makes sure that the team's content ideas see the light of day. Her warm personality makes her an indispensable part of our team."

What is the best success story you can remember?

Helen: "There are very many! One that has stuck in my mind is that of Heinz. He has type 2 diabetes and has been injecting himself with insulin for 25 years. With Almased, he managed to bring his diabetes into remission even at the age of 75. This means no more insulin injections and healthy long-term blood sugar levels. For him, Almased Type 2 continues to be the flexible solution to keep his values under control!"

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