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“Love this flavor. Almased has given me so much more energy and a complete feeling if well being😊”

“I love the vanilla flavor. Almased is truly a great supplement. I drink a glass at 7:30 am and I'm not hungry again till lunch at 1:30 pm. This is great because I'm in meetings all day but it has decreased me snacking.”

“I don’t know if it’s me or almased but I don’t seem to be dropping any weight… I lost 6lbs in the first phase but have been on phase 2 for nearly 8 weeks and haven’t seen any results. My weight is staying the same, I add almased with my usual fruit smoothie in the morning, eat a healthy lunch, have a few healthy snacks during the day and then drink my evening shake with almond milk and almased but my weight doesn't seem to come off :/ Other than that I love the way it keeps me full and energized😊”

“Absolutely love the Almond flavor. It is my “to go” morning breakfast! Feel good about the nutritional value and it tastes great !”

“Almased tastes delicious no matter what the flavor. It’s comforting knowing it’s nutritious and easily digested.
Thank you for your commitment of a quality product.
Mary Anne huegel (Oma)”

“I have been using Almased for 10 years to lose and maintain my weight. I love the variety of recipes you provide. I have ordered the Vanilla multiple times and found it to be more pleasing. On my last order I forgot to verify it was vanilla and I got the original. Funny, I found them both to be equally pleasing. Please never quit making this available.”

“I really like Almased because I am a busy person that is always on the go and may not have time to eat. So you can stop for 8 minutes just to mix up your shake drink and roll. The flavors are good. I usually sprinkle with cinnamon. It doesn't have that vitamin flavor. Overall a great product that I would recommend to anyone.”

“OH MY GOODNESS…the Almased with the hint of vanilla almond is delicious. I add a handful of spinach (which I can’t really taste) and I get my added greens with the wonderful shake prepared in a Vita-Mix. Nothing compares to the added benefits and delicious taste of the Vanilla Almond Almased shake!”

“Six months ago I had my annual Dr check-up. I heard the same thing I usually hear. You need to lose weight, BP is high, lab work is off the charts, etc.... I wasn't always like this. At 5'4 my weight always stayed between 101 - 120 even after 3 pregnancies. Suddenly it seemed overnight I ballooned up to a number I cannot say which was even more than when I was pregnant with my last child. I have a very physical job so exercise wasn't an issue. I thought I had tried every diet in existence and my Dr refused to prescribe any meds to help even though I was now considered obese! I was told to move more and eat less. I never had a big appetite to start with. I returned home feeling pretty down. A few days later surfing the internet I came across an ad for Almased, glanced at it and kept going but something said wait, go back. I read the whole article and thought why not give it 30 days. Those 30 days have turned into 6 months and I just had my follow up labs. I was told I was "Golden". They said whatever you are doing, keep doing it. BP was perfect, lab work perfect, weight down 30 lbs. My energy level is up and I sleep through the night like a baby! I share my love of Almased with everyone that I meet. Thank you Almased!”

“This is the only diet that has been working for me. I lost 65 lbs in 8 months and I feel great!”

“I like the new Almond Vanilla Flavor mixed with Almond Milk and cold coffee. The shake keeps me full until lunchtime. I have only tried for 4 days for a breakfast replacement and lost 3 pounds!! I’m trying to figure out my signature shake that I will be happy with everyday.”

“I always have a can of Almased in my cupboard. I’ve been using it for many years, I love how it helps to control my blood sugar & appetite, and does not interfere with any medications I may be taking. The convenience of mixing it with anything water, milk, juice or in a morning/noon shake of fruit or vegetables is so quick & easy to do on the go. Love it, I usually purchase mine @ Walgreens for best price, however, I haven’t seen the vanilla available yet. It’s my satisfying go to. Thank you Almased for this amazing product.”

“I've been using Almased for years now and it's where I get most of my daily protein, being vegetarian. 🍃 🌿

I love it but PLEASE, PLEEEASE 🙏

I would greatly appreciate that!!!

I do love that it's GMO-free but let's take that next step and go ORGANIC 😀
I'd love to be taking a product I use daily that's pesticide free 😊

Thank you! ❤”

“I love Almased. It is easy to use and it works. My lost lbs stay off and I still have energy to get through my day.
It is Fantastic. I will continue to use it to keep my weight in check.”

“What a GREAT weight loss product! I wish I would have discovered it years ago!
Almased gives me lots of energy to get through my day and puts me in a great mood! Losing the weight was just the extra boost I needed!
Love the great taste too!”

“I was very skeptical about trying Almased. I did not want to go through another yo-yo diet.
So far so good, I am pleasantly surprised at the flavor, it’s not gritty like I was hesitant about at all. I’m excited to start my Almased diet and will be updating this soon!”

“I always suggest Almased when friends or family are trying to lose weight.
Whenever my eating gets out of control, I do a few days of Almased to get back on track. It is such a great reset!”

“Almased is the only drink that helps me with weight loss. The easy to follow diet. Love the taste and texture.”

“I love Almased and excited to learn it now comes in an almond-vanilla flavor. I’ve been using it for years as a quick & easy way to curb my appetite & keep my blood sugar in check. It’s so easy to use plain w/water or dress it up w/flavoring or fruit depending on my mood. Thank you so much for making such an uncomplicated product that’s healthy to use. Please continue supplying this quality product just the way it is.”

“Omg…. This was a great way to lose weight and I have tried everything in the past. After speaking with my physician about Almased he felt that it was a great option for me to lose weight. I have to admit, the first day was so hard for me because I was craving food so bad and I had to cook for my family. But after reading the different recipes for shakes and flavors of extracts to use, I was able to lose 9lbs in 5 days. I’m going to start phase 1 again next week and purchase a portable blender for work. This program really works!!! 😍”