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“Love both flavors as is! For more variety and an even healthier boost, I add fresh or frozen fruit, spinach or kale!”

“Love Almased's new flavor it sure helps to add variety to your product. This helps me keep on top of my weight loss and blood sugar. Would love to win more of the product and tell others about your products.”

“This product is amazing...........!”

“I have been drinking Almased for over 10yrs and I just enjoy it. When ever I need to loose those last  5 lbs after coming back from vacation, I can always count on Almased to help me with that. I have tried both flavors and they just keep getting better and better! Thank you Almased and everyone behind making an excellent shake.”

 "It's about time people realize just how good this product is!"

“I love the taste of Almased! The recipes are great! I feel so much better and honestly have more energy while using the shakes. Stomach doesn't feel heavy like it does after eating a full meal. I feel absolutely wonderful! Thanks for asking my opinion. It's about time people realize just how good this product is!”

“I have tried the Vanilla flavor and love it!
I can add fruit if I want and it is so good.”

“I have enjoyed Almased for years, for both a healthy diet & weight loss. I recommend Almased to anyone ! I’ve tried other protein meal replacements, I always come back to Almased.”

“Almased is the number 1 Product for weightloss. I started my journey about 5 years ago. This is the only product that works for me. I have tried pills, powders, drinks, diets, from low carb to keto. All were temporary weight loss.
I love the taste even though I have not tried the Almond flavor yet. But Almased gives me more energy, easy weightloss ( even the 3 day fasting with just shakes) is pretty easy. Never had any hunger pangs or reached for junk food. Now my maintenance is a shake a day. Once in a while I like to do a fast day with the shakes. I also enjoy having a cup of Almased tea before bedtime to relax me.”

“Love the new flavor, alternate between the two. The product has helped me curb my sugar intake as well as shedding some pounds. Will continue to use this product everyday. Thank you for developing it.”

“When I need to drop weight I buy a can of Vanilla Almased. It is easily purchased and it tastes yummy. The texture is perfect. Fills me up so I don’t have to eat what my teenage boys are eating. They have their stash and I have my Vanilla Almased. I sprinkle ginger and cinnamon in there too! Hurray!! I’ve tried many other brands but it's easy to find this one!”

“I have tried this new flavor and I love it ! It satisfies my hunger and helped me reaching my fitness goals. I have been using Almased for many years.”

“The shake is excellent, I use it almost daily”

“I am at the age where losing weight with exercise only is not going to work. I started meal replacements with Almased and the first week I lost 6 pounds! I thought it was just water weight but it was actually body mass because the next week, I weighed even less. I'm on the two shakes, one meal per day until I reach my desired weight loss goal. Thanksgiving 2021, I will weigh less than my goal if I remain dedicated to the Almased action plan!!!”

“Almased Vanilla is the best weight loss drink on the market. It has helped me to lose weight and I feel like a million dollars now.”

“Love the new flavor, down 14 lbs yeh!!!!”

“I do not leave reviews, unless the product has proven itself. I 💕 making smoothies with it, which gives me the full feeling. A great source to get the sluggish metabolism going to lose weight and ultimately to feel better.”

“If your trying to lose weight or maintain and NOT using Almased.... you're not doing it the smart way! Keeping my energy and pep in my step is all due to Almased!”

“So happy you offer these flavors! So yummy ...
Almased is a fabulous product for weight loss and nutrition.”

“I love Almased. I lost 35 pounds and kept it off for five years so far. The almond flavor is great. I liked the taste of the original too but I often added extracts like almond, coconut, vanilla, banana, etc. With the almond flavor, no need to add flavorings. It's already flavored. I use the shakes for weight management at this point as I'm at my goal. Try it. You have to follow the plan but it really works.”

“My husband, who has severe heart problems from Agent Orange, gained a great deal of weight from the meds he has to take, and I had to find a good product that he could take with his meds and one that would energize him --- Almased fit the bill.

I take it with him and we have been steady customers for the last 2 years.

We love it, and it has helped us both so much.

Thank you for such a great product.”