"It has really added value to my life."

Andrea K.

Success story of Andrea K.

It has really added value to my life!



Since my success story in 2014, I have continued to lose weight and gain more muscle. With the lean muscle gains, I have rapidly progressed in aerial. In one year, I was able to go from Level 2 Lyra (aerial hoop) to Level 4. Even more exciting, I have performed in four aerial shows and one of them was a huge personal goal of mine.

I performed in an aerial show as part of Boston’s First Night (New Year’s Eve) Celebration! Almased has really provided me with a way to eat healthy while also train hard to get ready for shows. It has helped my muscles recover after hard training sessions by ensuring I get all the protein I need so I have less breakdown and injuries.

I have also found Almased a healthy and quick way to get me back on track after “life happens” with weight gained from holidays and vacations. I can get back on track to easily achieve an appropriate weight with the help of Almased.

I’ve heard experts state that many people gain weight when “life happens” but then never get back on track and that has a detrimental cumulative effect over time. So it’s important to have a healthy strategy to prevent this. Over the past year, I have been able to stabilize and maintain my weight which is something that used to be a huge struggle for me.

All the other protein supplements I’ve tried taste too medicinal and like chemicals that always have an aftertaste which ruins the taste of the healthy foods I mix with them. All the other supplements also irritate my stomach which drains my energy level and prevents me from being able to work out. Actually, I end up gaining weight when using the other supplements.

Almased is truly the only protein supplement for which I tend to lose weight while also gaining lean muscle and it keeps my stomach happy thanks to the probiotics and high-quality ingredients.

I love the green energy and almond butter banana smoothies! The green energy smoothie kills two birds with one stone because I can get some servings of green leafy veggies in a way that tastes extra yummy.

I sometimes use almond/coconut milk and I typically also add coconut flakes as well as chia/flax seed mix to my green energy drink for extra nutrition. I love the natural mild vanilla taste that enhances anything I mix it with. Almased smoothies are a great healthy “fast food” option. It has really added value to my life!

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