Can’t Stop Thinking About Food: How to Stop Thinking About Food

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

How to Stop Thinking About Food

Do you constantly think about food throughout the day? When eating one meal, are you planning what to eat for the next? If you’re in charge of meal prep, do you mentally review the current shopping list in your head?

Obsessive food thoughts are not exclusive to those struggling with obesity. Many people do, and 20% of them are of a healthy weight, according to the former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Dr. David Kessler.

Kessler states that behaviors like loss of control over eating, lack of feeling satisfied by eating, and preoccupation with food is an issue he calls conditioned hyper-eating and it’s due to brain pathways established and reinforced by the regular consumption of high-fat, high-sugar, salty foods.

How to stop thinking about food can be a challenge, even if you eliminate sugar cravings, follow a healthy diet, and maintain a normal weight.

Preoccupation with food can silently creep into your thoughts, a habit triggered by emotions, environment, stress, and social occasions. But, looping back to food-related ideas can also occur when your body isn’t adequately nourished.

Yo-yo dieting and cutting down too much on carbs or calories can take over thoughts due to hunger, energy crash, or low blood sugar levels.

Hunger is a Natural Trigger for Your Body to Seek Out Calories.

The universe didn’t create food to thwart your pleasure-seeking genes. The desire for food is meant to be filled, ignore at your own peril. Such needs denied become an obsession.


Why am I Always Thinking About Food?

Most of us understand and can link our emotions to the desire for food, especially comfort foods. The brief remembrance of a favorite childhood meal brings a sense of peace, and you may even detect a powerful whiff-memory from the recesses of your brain.

Keeping yourself and your hands busy by eating may be your way to help alleviate feelings of anxiety. If that sounds familiar, try some creative ways to keep your hands moving, anything from arts and crafts to crochet, woodworking or zen-doodling!

Gather your thoughts for just a minute and notice how your environment sucks away at your brain power. It seems like every other TV commercial captures your attention with the most tantalizing food pics ever. And, when you go out, look around, and you’ll see a fast food restaurant on almost every corner. But, that’s not all…


There’s the vending machine at work, foodie billboards and ready-to-go convenience foods (now even displayed at the gas pump). The food court at the mall gently wafts specialty scents with aromas from around the world. Wherever you go, food is on display. After all, it’s the American way!

Even if you’ve kicked the sugar habit and eat well to eliminate cravings, you can turn into a foodie-thinker if you remain hungry. So, don’t!

The product called Almased is a nutritional supplement designed to satisfy even the deepest hunger. An Almased shake fills you up for hours, leaving you truly satisfied and free from cravings - and those gnawing thought patterns. Plus, it’s good for you for a host of reasons!


How to Stop Thinking About Food and Lose Weight

You’ve probably heard about the pink elephant in the room. Once the thought is in your mind, you can’t tell yourself not to think about it with any measure of success – pink elephants abound.

So, when you realize a food thought pops into your mind, notice it. Perhaps even write it down. The idea is to bring it into your conscious awareness. Then, let it go by merely replacing it with another thought - intentionally.


But, what happens when hunger persists and you need to eat less to lose weight?

By all means, dump the junk food and start eating healthily. Spotlight high-fiber foods such as whole foods; unrefined whole bread and grains, fresh veggies and fruits, beans and legumes, and most things plant-based.

In addition to beans, proteins can be meats or poultry that are lean and fish that are fatty (high in omega-3 fatty acids), such as salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines, and tuna. Almonds and walnuts are also useful for omega-3's, and seeds like flax and chia add high amounts of soluble fiber.

When Your Brain Sends an Idea Like “I Think I’m Addicted to Food," Listen!

If you’re eating well but still need to lose weight, and remain haunted by recurring thoughts about food and feeling hungry, it’s time for a change at the level of the inner body.

Leptin and ghrelin are two hormones known to have a significant influence on appetite and energy balance. Leptin decreases hunger, and according to the National Institutes of Health, it is established that obese people are leptin-resistant. Ghrelin is secreted primarily in the lining of the stomach and is known to increase hunger.

In the study "The Value of Almased on Gut-Brain Connection," by Dr. Charles Shively, he explains how Almased the natural meal replacement does not aggravate the gut-brain connection as do some other meal replacements. Instead, Almased adjusts and calms the hormones ghrelin and leptin – the major players in appetite and diabetes suppression.

The science backs Almased again and again, but the direct experience from Almased users is the real clincher.


Lynda T. - I am never hungry on Almased.

I decided to really buckle down and do it right! I did two [Almased] drinks a day with very light meals and homemade veggie juice in a blender. Long story short, I dropped from 140 pounds to 120 pounds, and I am never ever hungry on Almased! …To finally see [the weight] go away feels amazing! I will be a lifetime purchaser and have incorporated it into my whole new healthier lifestyle. - Lynda T.

TERESA M. – Finally, a product that does everything it promises! 

Thank you Almased, for making it so easy and positive, I highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone wanting to lose weight, no hunger or headaches here! Glad I finally found a product that gives me energy, but doesn't make me jittery, no side effects whatsoever, just a happy me looking great in the mirror. – Teresa M.

KAROL S. – I never felt hungry or wanted sweets.

I started off slowly by changing some of my eating habits, cutting out the junk food I loved so much, just drinking Almased. OMG, it does work!!! I never felt hungry or wanted sweets. I can honestly say that I have found something far better than any diet pill or fad diet: ALMASED! I will never ever give up Almased. Thank you! – Karol S.

And, Almased Acts as a Bodyguard Against Weight Re-gain.

No more yo-yo dieting. The Almased Shake beats your hunger habit and may rid you of the looping thinking that goes with it. Use Almased once a day for wellness or up to three times a day for weight loss.

Almased is mixed with cold water, low-fat milk, or almond milk. Shake it up with a spoonful or flax or walnut oil to meet your omega-3 needs, and you’ve got a complete nutritional meal in the form of a delicious shake…

Add your favorite fruit or special flavorings and extracts to make a delicious smoothie. Because Almased is mild in taste, it compliments every smoothie recipe you can think of

You can feel good about drinking Almased because it is wholesome, made from three all-natural ingredients: non-GMO soy, uniquely fermented with really raw honey and cultured yogurt. Added nutrition of Almased makes the shake a perfect pleasure for melting off unwanted belly fat while guarding against muscle loss, boosting your brain and more.

The only side-effects from an Almased Shake are a better quality of sleep, improved metabolism, stronger hair and nails, long-lasting energy, and noticeable enhancement of general health and well-being.

So, if you're ready to take back control over your too many foodie thoughts due to hunger, stop the sluggishness, and maintain your best weight, give Almased a try.



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