Benefits of Honey in Weight Loss with Almased

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Honey is one of the three highly regarded ingredients that make up Almased. Added in the final product in raw form, honey gives Almased the slightly sweet taste without the need for added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

What is the Benefit of Including Raw Honey in Almased?

Containing incredible nutritional value, raw honey has health powers that stem from the combination of enzymes, vitamin and minerals, and antioxidants that help boost the immune system. According to Registered Dietitian, Daniel Solomon, RDN, LDN, “switching from sugar to pure raw honey can have enormous health benefits. Raw honey is created by bees from flower nectar; it is all natural and does not undergo any processing to remove the nutrients or enzymes.

Most of the honey consumed these days is processed honey that has been over-heated and -filtered, removing important nutritional content from the honey. In contrast, pure raw honey does not rob you of its amazing nutritional content and health benefits.” Honey has been known to alleviate allergies, improve memory and act as a natural cough suppressant as well as fight diseases.


How the Honey in Almased Assists With Weight Loss?

Chief Knowledge Officer, Charles Shively, Ph.D., RPh, from says, “consumption of honey has been shown to help with weight loss where it assists with the digestion and breakdown of foods that are eaten in more weight-friendly substances which can contribute to the reduction of extra fat stored in the body. There are at least eight digestive enzymes in honey. The most prominent in honey are diastase, amylase, saccharase, and sucrase.”

In a study from the University of Wyoming, raw honey was found to activate hormones that control and suppress the appetite - reducing sugar craving and offering potential weight-lowering effects. In another study from San Diego State University, the scientists found that replacing sugar with honey could actually help lower blood sugar levels and prevent adding on extra pounds.

Even so, should we still be worried about the sugar in Almased? One 50 gram serving of Almased contains 15 grams of sugar originating from yogurt and honey. The small amount of sugar is combined and consumed with a high amount of protein; lowering the glycemic index of Almased. Almased has a low glycemic index (27). Low glycemic index foods slowly release sugar into the body, having little impact on blood sugar level compared to high glycemic index foods. The slow release of sugar allows the body time to respond to the sugar with appropriate insulin levels, helping the body metabolize sugar more efficiently.

Solomon says, “switching to raw honey could even accelerate weight-loss when compared to diets containing sugar or high fructose syrup. It is one of the best natural sweeteners available.” Shively adds, “the consumption of raw or natural honey is a powerful health addition to one’s daily nutritional needs.” Almased chooses the ingredients for its product that offers the best health benefits, one of which is raw honey.

Want to learn more about the Health Power of Honey? Go to: The Health Power of Honey.

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