5 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

There is more of an art to grocery shopping than just grabbing milk, eggs, and bread off the shelf. This millennium, retail grocers carry 40,000 more items than in the 1990s. 

Smart shoppers are well-informed and care more about healthy food choices. They’re on the lookout for gluten-free, low-fat, all-natural, diabetic friendly, heart-healthy, non-GMO, and other informatively labeled foods.

Customer science says the rise in both online food shopping and same day delivery service indicates that shoppers want to spend less of their time shopping in pursuit of overall convenience.

How do you shop for a healthy diet?

Guide to Grocery Shopping

1. How to begin.

It starts with a basic food list, and that comes from planning your meals for the week. Use healthy recipes, and if sticking to a budget, purchase only those items needed. If you don’t buy junk food, you won’t be tempted to eat it.

The idea is to aim for higher nutrition density and choose foods with more fiber, no added sugars, and less salt. A list also helps organize and save time whether you call it in for delivery, click for it online, or simply want to get in and out of the store quickly.

2. Buy the foods you like best and are best for you. 

Load up on whole foods, like plenty of fruits and veggies. Choose proteins such as lean meats, seafood, eggs, beans, peas, lentils, nuts, and seeds.

Stick with whole grains like oats, brown rice, quinoa, and millet for bread, cereals, and pasta. Favor healthy fats like olive, walnut, and flaxseed oils.

3. Choose food seasonally for a rainbow diet.

Since one of the best food shopping ideas emphasize plenty of fresh veggies and fruits, favor those in season, when they’re most plentiful, nutritious, and least expensive. Eating a variety of colorful produce assures an array of nutrients. 

When cooking, flash-frozen, or canned veggies are about the same nutritionally, and that’s helpful with menu management, saving both time and money. Read labels to identify non-BPA can lining, non-GMO quality, and look out for added sugars and high sodium.

4. Budget-friendly vendors.

Walmart carries fresh organic produce and other healthy food items at low prices. If you click to pick, they will even do the shopping for you. 

Local farmer’s markets, Community Supported Agriculture programs, and food co-ops offer high-quality food choices for less. 

5. Nutritional meal replacements may be your best convenience food. 

You don’t just need food; you need nourishment. We may not eat perfectly 100% of the time, but that doesn’t mean we have to be malnourished. 

The Almased diet supplement comes with dozens of incredibly delicious shake and smoothie recipes to meet nutritional needs. The Almased product is best known for rapid weight loss, but it’s excellent for overall health. And, it’s convenient to mix and sip when you’re on the run.

The essential foods on a grocery list for a single man or woman are more likely to emphasize simplicity, individual portioning, and more time-saving convenience.

Grocers come up with innovative ideas to meet their shopper’s demands. Produce departments supply pre-washed, peeled, and ready to go goodies. Even salads, sides, sandwiches, bento-boxes, and casseroles come fresh and ready to eat or heat.

Both grocers and Gourmet Meal delivery services offer fully prepared and ready to cook healthy meal kits. Also, an alternative and cheaper option for people “on-the-go” is an Almased shake.

The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™ began over 30 years ago in Germany when holistic scientist, Hubertus Trouillé, developed the Almased formula to speed up the metabolism of his overweight patients naturally. It is still a family-owned business and has expanded globally, into the US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, and Austria. 

The low-glycemic high-protein Almased shake is a complete and filling meal replacement or snack. It mixes up smoothly in a blender or blender bottle – what could be quicker or easier? (And, Amazon delivers Almased!)

Almased give you a big bang for your buck of healthy protein, vitamins, and minerals, and the peace of mind that your health is running at peak performance.

Many thanks to Mr. Trouillé and Almased for enriching our lives!

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