What is Almased?

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Almased is a unique dietary formula comprised of primarily three ingredients: non-GMO soy, skim milk yogurt, and honey that are combined together using fermentation. The Almased formula is nutritious with a high amount of protein (27 g) in each serving and a low glycemic index (27) which makes it diabetic friendly. When included as part of a weight loss program, Almased helps to support the metabolism and the body burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. All the while giving the body energy without any stimulants.

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How the Almased Figure Plan Changes Lifestyles

Figure Plan CoverAlmased’s dietary formula is used following the instructions of the Figure Plan. The Figure Plan is a four-phase program that begins with a liquid fast. As one advances through the phases, you taper off the shakes and begin to add meals. Transitioning gradually from shakes to meals may help individuals feel less overwhelmed from counting calories and making meal choices. By the end of the program, individuals may become more mindful of portions and learn how to make sensible choices that become long-term eating habits. Almased is more than a meal replacement shake for weight loss, Almased helps to build a healthier lifestyle.

Phase 1 (Fasting) - Drink Almased in place of three meals for three days or up to 14 days. You may drink veggie broth or low-sodium veggie juice in between meals. This phase works as a quick “diet overhaul”. Withdrawing from a regular diet containing high calories from greasy fried foods and sugary snacks for several days is the first step towards developing a healthier diet.

Phase 2 (Reduction) - Drink Almased in place of two meals, ideally in the morning and evening. Eat one healthy meal during the day. Follow this phase for 4 days or until you achieve your desired body weight. The length of this phase depends on how much weight you are looking to lose. The key to diet success is ease and consistency; it is recommended remaining on this phase until you meet your weight loss goals.

To read more about the phases of the Figure Plan, download it from almased.com.

The Evidence on Meal Replacements

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According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Evidence Analysis Library, there is strong evidence of the following:

“Several studies comparing isocaloric diets have shown an equivalent or greater weight loss efficacy with structured meal replacement plans, compared to reduced calorie diet treatments. One or two daily vitamin- and mineral-fortified meal replacements, supplemented with self-selected meals and snacks, may be a successful weight loss and weight maintenance strategy for overweight and obese adults who have difficulty with self-selection of food and portion control.”

“For weight loss and weight maintenance, the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) should recommend portion control and meal replacements or structured meal plans as part of a comprehensive weight management program. Strong evidence documents a positive relationship between portion size and body weight and research reports that the use of various types of meal replacements or structured meal plans was helpful in achieving health and food behavior change.”

Third-party evidence along with research studies on Almased can agree that meal replacement shakes for weight loss can be beneficial for overweight and obese adults needing help with strategies for weight management. 

The Science Behind Almased

Increased Fat Burn. Almased helps the body select fat as fuel for fat burn. A higher level of fat oxidation occurs after an Almased shake and is likely influenced by lower insulin levels compared to a standard meal. There is evidence that higher fat oxidation is responsible for improved metabolism, weight loss, and long-term weight control.

Blood Sugar Support. Compared to a standard meal, the body’s glucose and insulin response are lower after using Almased. The response remains in effect even after the next meal - this is known as the second meal effect. Healthy blood sugar and insulin levels lead to easy weight loss.

Appetite Regulation. The body has a significantly lower level of the appetite-regulating hormone ghrelin after 2 hours of using Almased. Moreover, the satiety-related protein Peptide Tyrosine Tyrosine (PYY) trended higher after consuming Almased compared to a standard meal. In combination, lower ghrelin and higher protein PYY concentrations help reduce appetite to help the body stay full longer, supporting overall weight loss efforts.

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Current studies occurring at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, attest that the product even increases the basal metabolic rate of healthy people of normal weight if it is taken on a regular basis from the first day on. Preliminary data was presented by the ECO 2018 congress in Vienna.

Source: Konig, D., et al. (2012) Fuel selection and appetite-regulating hormones after intake of soy protein-based meal replacement. Nutrition Journal 28 (2012), pp. 35-39.


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“I am 53 years old working in Alabama. In August of 2016, I came across Almased. I read everything about it and decided to give it a try...I started off on the Almased Diet slowly because my goal was to lose weight gradually to make sure that the weight would stay off in the end. After a period of using Almased, I noticed that my sweet cravings went down, and I no longer could eat as much as I used to. Almased helped reduce my appetite. Today (almost a year later), I am 45 pounds lighter and have kept it off...the clothes in my closet are now too big for me! I can’t believe it! Moreover, my hair has gotten thicker and my nails have gotten stronger...I can’t say enough about Almased. The protein and the vitamins in Almased have contributed to my overall health and wellness.”

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"I saw Almased advertisements in Today’s Dietitian magazine. I went on Almased’s website and researched the product. Thoroughly reading everything about the Almased product, I studied the ingredients, composition, and the theory behind how it works. I believed that Almased could help me get to my target goal faster. In 7.5 months, I lost 30 months; I was beyond excited to see that I had hit my target goal. Six months after finishing Almased's program, I kept the weight off! I am happy that I learned to achieve a healthy balance with eating and physical activity. I now exercise regularly. I eat healthy and balanced meals about 90% of the time now."

Shake Things up in 3 Easy Steps

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Cinnamon Roll Recipe

• 8 Tbsp Almased
• 10-12 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk 
• 1 tsp olive, flaxseed or walnut oil for healthy fats
• A dash of cinnamon

Into a shaker cup, add almond milk and cinnamon. Then add Almased. Shake for few seconds until blended. Then enjoy!

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