What is Almased?

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Almased is a low-glycemic high-protein meal replacement and dietary supplement. This unique multi-protein formula is created from different sources to fit the amino acid profile the human body needs for optimal function as exactly as possible. The bioavailability of amino acids and bioactive peptides (such as lunasin) is increased by a special process using active enzymes from natural sources. This makes the Almased Weight Loss PhenomenonTM possible! 

How Almased Speeds Up the Metabolism

A well-functioning metabolism is not only important for weight loss but also for overall health. Many diseases occur because the metabolism does not function properly. Unhealthy eating habits are one of the main causes of a slower metabolism – usually, salt, sugar and fat intake are too high. However, the quality of our food is another problem: Industrial production, flavor enhancers, and preservatives destroy important nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes. As a result, a large number of people have an extremely slow metabolism. The body burns fewer calories which can lead to obesity, lack of energy and other complications.

Almased helps your metabolism to function at its optimal level. This not only leads to weight loss, but it also avoids the dreaded yo-yo effect. Since the metabolism doesn’t slow down during the Almased Diet, you can prevent regaining the lost weight once you eat regularly again.

5 Ways Almased Helped Wendy Lose Over 60 pounds and Dropped Eight Pant Sizes

1. Quick and Easy Weight Loss that Lasts
Almased boosts the metabolism and energy levels, without any stimulants. Keeping the metabolism active during a reduced-calorie diet will not only help you lose weight easily but equally important, it will help to sustain your results once the diet is over and you increase your calorie intake again. Since your metabolism doesn’t slow down during the Almased Diet, the body takes the energy it needs from fat instead of muscle. 

2. Kick Cravings to the Curb 
The high-quality protein in Almased (27g per average serving size) helps to further protect your muscle mass. You lose the weight that really matters. Since weight loss with Almased is fat loss, you will not only see the number on the scale go down but also your inches - a true body transformation. Almased’s high-quality protein not only helps to retain muscle, but it also keeps you full for 4-6 hours. 

3. Support Blood Sugar Levels
Additionally, Almased has a very low glycemic index of 27. A low glycemic index helps to support a healthy blood sugar level and as a result, the body releases a lower amount of insulin. This helps to keep hunger and cravings at bay, and further improves the fat burning process.

"Lose the Weight That Matters"

4. Easy-to-Follow Meal Replacement Plan
Almased is used along with the Almased Figure Plan, a simple meal replacement plan that is divided into three easy weight loss phases. The first phase kicks you off on an all-liquid fast to help boost the Almased. You drink Almased three shakes a day for three days up to 14 days. As you move through the phases, you begin to add back healthy food and eating habits back into your diet.  

5. Simply Prepared, Simply Delicious
Blend Almased with 10-12 oz of bottled or filtered water and 1-2 tsp of either olive oil, flaxseed oil or walnut oil (you can alternate). Instead of water, you can use unsweetened almond milk, soy milk or skim milk. However, we see the best weight loss results when using water. Almased shakes are neutral-tasting. You can enjoy them plain, or flavor them to your liking with cinnamon and other spices, instant coffee powder (or use cold coffee instead of water for mixing), unsweetened cocoa powder or a few drops of your favorite extracts, like vanilla or lemon. 

Lemon Drop Shake



Olenka F. (Aurora, CO)


"I saw Almased in a magazine at my hair salon and kept thinking about it. Everything else I tried didn’t seem to work or made me feel bad as I have a tendency to have migraine headaches. For 7 days I fasted with Almased and did not get one migraine. After 2 weeks, I had lost almost 10 pounds. I feel great! I sleep amazingly; I have a lot of energy and I am not hungry at all. I love this product and I can see the results.

My friends and even clients at work are noticing and commenting on my results. I am wearing clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years. The Almased website has been a great help. I like trying different flavors of shakes all the time and often add chia or flax seeds. Now that I am able to eat meals, I am looking at recipes. They all look wonderful. I have lost a total of 12 pounds now. I replace one meal a day and I am still having results."

Omer A. (Phoenix, AZ)


“I started using Almased less than 5 months ago and I have lost 74 pounds by now! I have used expensive pills, capsules, and drinks without results in the past, but Almased works! For the first 3 weeks, I had three Almased shakes. After that, I did a shake for breakfast and dinner, sometimes even a third shake before my lunch meal so I could feel good and not eat so much.

I am still doing this today. Before I started Almased, I was 235 pounds, and now I weigh 161! Almased has helped me love my body again and be healthier! A lot of my friends have started using Almased because they see the big difference it has made for me. I am so happy I found Almased and will keep using it even when I get to my dream weight. Almased made the impossible possible!”

The Best Way to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Image Wendy Bf Aft

Wendy started Almased with a two-week fast on July 7, 2017. Her life has improved every day since. You see, Wendy didn't just hit her goal of 140 pounds - she passed it, losing 66 pounds and dropping eight pant sizes.

Losing weight from Almased was the positive reinforcement she needed. With Almased she feels empowered to eat healthier than she did when she was trying to eat healthily, now she's learned to love eating healthy.  

Boost Your Metabolism with Almased!

Almased FigurePlan

The exclusive, natural Almased formula provides the body with quality nutrition in one simple shake. You don’t have to worry about whether you are getting enough nutrients from the foods you eat or spend time calculating ingredients. It’s all right there in Almased. Use Almased with our easy-to-follow Figure Plan (PDF) to give your body the quick and noticeable results you want! 

Almased Supports Your Goals!
We’re available to you for nutrition support and customer assistance. You can reach us directly by phone at 1-877-256-2733.

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