What Makes the Almased Meal Replacement Shake Special?

Almased meal replacement shake

Almased is a low-glycemic high-protein meal replacement and dietary supplement. This unique multi-protein formula is created from different sources to fit the amino acid profile the human body needs for optimal function as exactly as possible. The bioavailability of amino acids and bioactive peptides (such as lunasin) is increased by a special process using active enzymes from natural sources. This makes the Almased Weight Loss PhenomenonTM possible!

The Almased Weight Loss PhenomenonTM can help you form a healthier relationship with food and your body by helping to reset your body’s hunger controls and sugar cravings. As a result, you’ll feel more in control of your health. 

Low glycemic high protein shake

Just 1 Serving of Almased Per Day Supports Overall Health and Wellness!

For weight management control: Almased can be used along with the Almased Figure Plan, a simple meal replacement plan that is divided into four easy weight loss phases. The first phase kicks you off on an all-liquid fast to help boost the Almased. You drink Almased three shakes a day for three days up to 14 days. As you advance to the next phases, you begin to wean off shakes and add healthy food and eating habits back into your diet. 

weight management control shake

For overall wellness: Almased boosts the metabolism and energy levels, without any stimulants. The benefits of high protein in Almased (27 grams per average serving size) is that it helps to retain your muscle mass. Additionally, Almased has a very low glycemic index of 27. A low glycemic index helps to support a healthy blood sugar level. Almased is also rich in vitamins and amino acids. This high protein meal replacement not only helps to retain muscle, but it also keeps you full for 4-6 hours.

Almased smoothie diet program

How the Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon Works

If you are wondering how to stop counting calories? Look no further, with Almased, (only 180 calories) there's no need to count calories. Drink the shakes routinely and you're good to go!

The Almased meal replacement shakes are convenient, a no-fuss way to satisfy hunger and lose weight. 

Almased contains 27 grams of protein, the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better-looking body. Protein helps you burn more calories and cuts cravings.

meal replacement diet smoothie

There are as many ways to blend up an Almased shake as there are recipes for grandmother’s meatloaf.

Best Way to Make an Almased Meal Replacement Shake

best way to make a smoothie

The average serving size for each weight loss shake is 8 Tbsp (50 grams) of Almased mixed in 10-12 oz of liquids like bottled or filtered water, skim milk or unsweetened almond milk. The taste of Almased is natural and neutral, so you can flavor your shakes anyway you want! 1 teaspoon of flavored extracts or spices, like vanilla extract and ground cinnamon, may be added for flavor. Serving size may vary among individuals. You can use these guidelines to find the right serving size for you:

  • • Under 5’6” - 6 Tbsp of Almased
  • • 5’6” to 6’ – 8 Tbsp of Almased
  • • Over 6’ – 10 Tbsp of Almased

Serving size instructions by your body size and how to mix Almased are also included in the Figure Plan, the best diet plan.

Almased shakes are neutral-tasting, so you can enjoy them plain, or flavor them to your taste with cinnamon or other spices, instant coffee powder (or use cold coffee instead of water for mixing), a dash of cocoa or a few drops of your favorite extracts, like vanilla or lemon.

TIP: Adding fiber to your diet is essential and it’s easy to include in your Almased shake. Try flax seeds, chia seeds or psyllium husks by tossing into your shakes before blending or sprinkle on top when serving.

Many real-life weight loss success stories have boosted their metabolism with Almased after 40

Crystal b4aftr

Almost four months after Crystal used Almased, she lost 52 lbs. Surprised by her transformation, Crystal's friends saw a whole new person. "My friends started asking me how I did it." Proudly Crystal tells her friends about Almased. "My doctor even told me that my lab work has significantly improved through the weight I lost."

Weight loss stories

Wendy didn’t just hit her goal of 140 pounds—she passed it, losing 66 pounds and dropping eight pants sizes. She still does her Almased shakes for breakfast, but she’s learned to love eating healthy along the way. Losing weight from Almased was the positive reinforcement she needed. Pretty soon, Wendy was living lighter.

“I can't even describe it. I feel like a whole new person,” she says. “You feel that you can look at yourself in the mirror and say wow, “I look really good. I feel great”. Everything around you just kind of falls into place.” 

Almased is for every "body"

how boost metabolism after 40

When Lisa began trying on dresses in the spring before her winter wedding, she had a sudden realization. While she knew she had gained a bit of weight, she hadn't realized how much. Simply put, she didn't look quite as good as she wanted. "I saw a video of me trying on the dress," she says. "My butt was so big. I thought, “I want to look great. I wanted to not look out of shape for my photos. I'm a tall person. I looked okay. I'm 49 years old. I know I'm not a spring chicken anymore, but I wanted to look elegant."

Lisa started with Almased, drinking three meal replacement shakes a day. She enjoyed the taste – they were nothing like some of the protein shakes she'd tried in the past after working out. She had them either plain or added a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg. Lisa drank vegetable broth in between shakes as well, all part of the simple-to-understand and easy-to-achieve Almased Figure Plan. She lost 10 pounds right away, and then another two after a short setback. Lisa did not have a lot of weight to lose to start, She just wanted to look in better shape for her wedding.

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