How the Waist-Cinching Supplement Works

Win back the days that seem long gone! Almased makes it possible to get your waist back and feel energized once again.  

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Originating from Germany, Almased’s low-glycemic high-protein meal shakes were designed for people with the “perfect storm” of health issues: excess weight, insulin resistance, and abnormal labs aka metabolic syndrome.

To combat the root cause of their health issues, holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé made it his mission to improve the metabolism of his patients. In his home kitchen, he concocted (a special low carb diet formula) – what is known today as Almased. 

Comprised of minimal yet quality nutritious ingredients that undergo a unique fermentation process to enhance wellness, Almased speeds up the metabolism instantly and supports healthy blood sugar levels, leading to increased weight loss and fat breakdown

The Science Behind Almased

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Weight loss and fat breakdown occur not just because Almased consists of low calories and solid nutrition, but because of what the science says.

According to years of scientific research in understanding the effects of Almased, scientists determined that by drinking low-glycemic high-protein Almased, the resting metabolism becomes optimized, while hormones, like ghrelin and adiponectin that control hunger and blood sugar levels, respectively, remain stable.

The effects altogether turn the body into a fat-burning machine. Not to mention, helps accelerate weight loss and energizes the body all day long.

Ready to try Almased?

Almased’s low carb diet program consists of routinely replacing meals with Almased shakes following an easy phase-by-phase program.

There’s no counting calories or guesswork. Simply mix Almased shakes with water, skim milk or almond milk and your favorite zero-calorie flavors and/or spices. Then, consume according to the instructions of each phase.

As you advance through the program, your body loses unwanted weight and your pants begin to feel looser around the waist. Soon, age becomes nothing but a number. You can hear this from a number of success stories who used Almased for weight loss and healthy aging.

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“My body feels so much lighter and pain-free.” – Jan R.


“I am 69 years old October 2017, I was overweight and in the obese category for my 5’5” height and bone structure. My health is generally good, but I was struggling to keep my weight dow.

Last year in 2017, my friend who competes in dog sports told me she lost 30lbs on the Almased Diet. I thought how wonderful and decided to give it a try!

I began drinking the Almased shakes in January 2018. After the three days passed, I never looked back. I continued on the Almased and went from 189 lbs to 135 lbs, losing 54 pounds in just six months! I am down 5 sizes from a 16/18 to a 8/10!”

“I like the added energy I have when using Almased.” – Nancy O.


“At 71 years old, staying active and keeping healthy had become my number one goal.

After hearing about Almased, I decided to [try it]. I felt comfortable using Almased from the very start and like the flavor on its own. I found Almased to be very quick and easy to use and have used it as a meal replacement 3 times daily along with lots of water.

Because of the inflammation, I have experienced through the years, I have found it hard to walk or exercise. When using Almased, I do not experience the inflammation as much and find walking more bearable and easier to do. I also like the added energy I have when using Almased.”

How Almased Works