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Almased is a dietary supplement that optimizes the metabolism, helps with weight loss, and improves health and well-being as well as focus and energy over the whole day.

About Almased

At the kitchen table in the quaint town of Bienenbüttel in Germany, a holistic therapist, Hubertus Trouillé, developed a product to reset and improve the metabolism of his patients biologically. The development of his product directly led to an improved and more balanced metabolism. These results were scientifically verified by blood scans as well as one unexpected outcome: people lost weight, too! 

One serving of Almased (50 grams) helps the body stay full for hours and supports healthy blood sugar levels. In addition, Almased has a low glycemic index (27), which makes it diabetic friendly, a perfect addition to any diabetes weight loss diet. 

How Does Almased Work?

Supported by over 15 years of scientific studies, Almased does the following: 

• Aids in weight loss by supporting the metabolism and the breakdown of fat 
• Supports healthy blood sugar levels through reduced insulin response after meals 
• Helps the body retain essential muscle while losing fat mass
Provides bioactive peptides for wellness
Controls hunger by balancing the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin

For best weight loss results and fat burn, follow our Figure Plan guide when using Almased. The Figure Plan is a 4-phase program to help you lose weight efficiently. It can be used by anyone looking to lose weight or those following a diabetes weight loss diet. Dosing instructions by your body size and how to mix Almased are also included in the guide. 

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What Do Experts Say?

According to Charles Shively, PhD, RPh, a registered pharmacist with 50 years of healthcare experience, "Almased produces a number of extraordinary effects in the body that boost the metabolism and attribute to overall weight loss. Scientific research points to: increased fat burn and metabolism, blood sugar support, and hunger control. 

Experts Boost metabolism

More importantly is Almased's effect on healthy blood sugar levels. Almased has a low glycemic index (27), with little impact on blood sugar levels compared to high glycemic index foods. This slow release of sugar in Almased allows the body time to respond with appropriate insulin levels, helping the body to metabolize sugar more efficiently.

The positive effects from using Almased have been scientifically confirmed through evidence-based studies for over 15 years."

Many individuals have successfully used Almased as part of a diabetes weight loss diet program for weight reduction and blood sugar support. 

Current studies occurring at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, attest that the product even increases the basal metabolic rate of healthy people of normal weight if it is taken on a regular basis from the first day on. Preliminary data were presented at the ECO 2018 congress in Vienna, Austria.

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What Does Scientific Evidence Show?

Blood Sugar Support. Compared to a standard meal, the body’s glucose and insulin response is lower after using Almased. The response remains in effect even after the next meal - this is known as the second meal effect. Healthy blood sugar and insulin levels lead to easy weight loss.

Increased Fat Burn. Almased helps the body select fat as fuel for fat burn. A higher level of fat oxidation occurs after an Almased shake and is likely influenced by lower insulin levels compared to a standard meal. There is evidence that higher fat oxidation is responsible for improved metabolism, weight loss, and long-term weight control.

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Appetite Regulation. The body has a significantly lower level of the appetite-regulating hormone ghrelin after 2 hours of using Almased. Moreover, the satiety-related protein Peptide Tyrosine Tyrosine (PYY) trended higher after consuming Almased compared to a standard meal. In combination, lower ghrelin and higher protein PYY concentrations help reduce appetite to help the body stay full longer, supporting overall weight loss efforts. (1)

Further scientific evidence shows that when individuals consume a low-glycemic Almased shake versus to a standard high-glycemic breakfast, the individuals' blood sugar levels respond much lower and steadily. It is well-researched that blood sugar levels affect insulin levels, which in turn can affect fat metabolism and weight. Almased's support of blood sugar levels reduces the body's insulin response, leading to a greater effect on weight loss. (2)

Diabetes Bloodsugarresponse

Source: (1.) Konig, D., et al. (2012) Fuel selection and appetite-regulating hormones after intake of soy protein-based meal replacement. Nutrition Journal 28 (2012), pp. 35-39. (2.) Kempf , Kerstin, et al. Individualized Meal Replacement Therapy Improves Clinically Relevant Long-Term Glycemic Control in Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetes Patients. Nutrients 2018, 10, 1022; doi: 10.3390/nu1008022


Catarsha's Almased Story


"I was 210 lbs when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. I eventually started working out and seeking other ways to improve my health and lifestyle. In 2010, I had tried so many things up to that point until I was just so skeptical about trying anything else. After my second visit to a hollistic wellness center, I decided to give Almased a try. Boy was I impressed! After the first week of following the Almased Diet, I was down 4 pounds. After week one, I pretty much had one shake for breakfast and one in the afternoon. This helped me control my appetite which made me more conscious of what I was eating throughout the day. To make a long story short, the pounds began to continually disappear. I still use Almased and today, I am 135 pounds and healthy! I went from a size 16 to a size 6 in the course of a year - I lost 75 lbs and I do not have diabetes and the weight has stayed off!"

Justin's Almased Story


"My name is Justin and I am 39 years old. For 10 years, I have been diligently watching my diabetes weight loss diet and controlling my blood sugar levels. I have been drinking protein shakes for years, but this is the first protein product I have found that has a low glycemic index and is made from natural ingredients. That was the selling point for me! Every other brand I have seen previously has so many flavors and chemicals that I cannot pronounce. I feel better knowing what ingredients I am actually consuming. Compared to other trendy shakes out there, Almased has a more reasonable price. Once I began purchasing Almased, I liked the ease of availability. I work night shifts and often do not have time to go grocery shopping. Almased has dramatically improved my health and diet. One shake in the morning keeps me full until lunchtime, and I do not have to worry about my blood sugar levels dropping or feeling hungry. As someone who needs to keep my blood sugar levels under control, this does the job."


To help you get started on speeding up that slow metabolism and start losing those unwanted pounds, we're sharing with you one of our all-time favorite recipes: the Almased Cinnamon Roll - a popular shake recipe among our customers!

cinnamon roll

Into a shaker cup or blender, add 8 tablespoons of Almased in 12 oz (or 1 1/2 cups) of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Then, add 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Also, add 1 teaspoon of oil (olive, flaxseed, or walnut) for a dose of healthy fats. You may add 1 teaspoon of stevia if desired. Blend until smooth, then pour into a glass an enjoy!



This is your wake-up call! Almased shoves those cravings out of the way, helps boost your metabolism, and gives your body the quick and noticeable results you want.

Need help with your diet?
We’re available to you for nutrition support and customer assistance. You can reach us directly by phone at toll-free 1-877-256-2733. Ask about our healthy weight loss program: Almased and the Figure Plan.

Where to find Almased?
You can purchase Almased both online or in stores. Almased is sold in Walgreens (in the diabetes management aisle), CVS, GNC, RiteAid, Harris Teeter, and Amazon.com. 

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