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Browse through our various articles and expand your nutritional knowledge about our nutrition and living healthier. Discover delicious protein shakes weight loss recipes to try new creations to balanced meals. Learn everything you need to know to support you on your health journey.

Reversing Diabetes Is Possible with Diabetic Meal Replacement Shakes

Highlights – Yes, the progression of diabetes can be slowed or reversed, and it involves making healthy lifestyle changes. By adopting a healthy diet…

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Diabetes Management: Best Diet for Diabetics

Highlights – About 10% of the U.S. population has diabetes; type 2 diabetes is the most prevalent. Both the disease and side effects of medicinal…

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How to Reset Your Diet in 21 Days

Biohack Your Diet with Almased

Biohacking is a way to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

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Breakthrough New Studies on Almased for Metabolic Health

The great scientist and science-fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, once wrote, “There is a single light of science and to brighten it anywhere is to…

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The Diet That Stole Christmas: Helpful Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Why Is It Hard to Lose Weight With Diabetes?

Is it hard to lose weight with type 2 diabetes? It sure can be, but it is not as hard as some people think.

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Blood Glucose: How Diet Affects Blood Sugar Levels

Highlights – Many people with diabetes are not diagnosed until after the damage has been done. The slow metabolism and weight gain that can accompany…

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Weight Loss and Diabetes Here is the Link

Recent research reveals that exercise and minor weight loss are vital in reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, even for those predisposed…

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Unlock the Power of Nutrients with Fermented Foods

Making Sense of Diabetes and Obesity, and Navigating Around Both!

Highlights – Does obesity cause diabetes or vice versa? Insulin resistance; When our bodies rebel. Going low-GI, with help from Almased. Right up…

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Weight Loss Detox: 5 Fast Facts We Need to Know Before Losing Weight

What is “weight loss detox”? It can be a valuable step toward a healthier and more fit life, and right after the holidays is a perfect time to start. …

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Does the Food Industry Have a Dirty Little Secret?

Plus 5 ways a good diet can help us maintain healthy blood sugar levels

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Sweet treats: How to Avoid Food Temptations During Halloween

Your Weight Loss Game Plan: Plus 5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Season

What Is a Low-Glycemic Diet with High-Protein?

Dr. David Jenkins developed the glycemic index (GI) in the 1980s as a way of explaining how dietary carbohydrates impact blood sugar. The higher the…

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Diabetes: The Non-Medicinal Alternative Approaches in Blood Sugar Management

In the United States, nearly 80 million people, or one in four has some form of diabetes or pre-diabetes. What's worse, from 2001 to 2009, the…

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Non-Medicinal Alternative Approaches in Blood Sugar Management

The main causes for type-2-diabetes are a diet that is too high in calories, overweight and lack of exercise. The lifestyle disease has reached…

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