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Frustrated with My Metabolism - What One Woman Did About It

Being stuck with overweight can feel like a curse, and it's a condition shared by many. In fact, the U.S. obesity rate now tops 40 percent! We all…

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The Weight Regulator - How Your Thyroid Controls Metabolism

Why 95% of diets fail and how you can succeed with a metabolic master reset “Fat destroyed my life.” Sounds like something from “The Biggest Loser” TV…

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Mental Health Is Part of The Healthy Weight Equation

My Generation: How We Look at Dieting and Body Image

Move Over Nutrition Bars: Soy-Centered Supplementation Muscles In

Over the last few years, social media has played an outsized role in making fitness more popular than ever, including influencers posting about their…

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How to Fix Metabolic Syndrome

The term “Metabolic Syndrome” is sometimes used as a catch-all label to describe people who are overweight.

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4 Things You Need to Know Right Now About Metabolism and Weight Loss

The Hidden Danger of Weight Loss in Aging: And How We Can Fight Back!

Best Way to Boost Metabolism is to Balance Work and Health

Diet Secrets to Help You Sleep Better

5 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Metabolism and Weight Loss: How to Boost Metabolism with a Diet Program

4 Tips to Fix a Slow Metabolism

Boost Energy Levels Naturally

Most of us are looking for more get-up-and-go. We grab a nearby energy drink, pop in at the nearest Starbucks, or score a ginseng tonic at the health…

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Why Does My Brain Feel Foggy?

After a night out with good food and drink, do you wake up feeling foggy? Or, have you noticed that your thinking gets fuzzy well past lunchtime?

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Americans Are Fatter Than Ever Says The Newest National Health Statistics Report

The latest National Health Statistics Reports published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveal that the average weight,…

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Do I Need to Exercise While on The Almased Diet?

Since your calorie intake will reduce significantly, you do not necessarily have to exercise on the Almased Diet to lose weight, but we encourage you…

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Kick Your Cravings to the Curb!

All dieters know and dread them: Cravings. At some point or another during your diet, they are bound to happen, testing your will power and very…

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