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Everything about living a healthier lifestyle with our weight loss protein shakes recipes included.

Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss and Nutrition Tips

Browse through our various articles and expand your nutritional knowledge about our nutrition and living healthier. Discover delicious protein shakes weight loss recipes to try new creations to balanced meals. Learn everything you need to know to support you on your health journey.

Shake Recipe: Orange Creamsicle

1 portion contains approximately 236 kcal

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Weight Loss Shake Recipe: Alma-Mary

250 calories

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Meal: Smoked Pork Chop in Apple Mustard Sauce

Shake Recipe: German Chocolate Cake

1 portion contains approximately 320 kcal

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5 Ways To Give Your Body the “Gut Punch” It Needs

Having A Summer Health Goal? We’ll Help You Reach It

Now that the sun is lazing about in the sky, you may find yourself asking: ‘is my body summer-ready?’ Our Almased team wants you to feel proud of your…

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Beyond Vitamin C: Protein and the Immunity Revolution

Shake Recipe: Cranapple

1 portion contains approximately 264 kcal

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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Gut Happy

Gut Instinct: Why 400 Trillion Gut Bacteria Can’t Be Wrong

Men, Women and Metabolism

Is there really a difference with losing fat in men and women? Word on the street is that men have it easier when it comes to weight loss. It seems…

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Shake Recipe: Honey Nut Banana

1 portion contains approximately 355 kcal

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Meal: Crispy Baked Drumsticks with Honey-Mustard Sauce and Vinegary Coleslaw

Amino Acids, Protein and the New Age of Cellular Health

We sometimes forget how powerful the human body actually is. We wonder: Why isn’t my metabolism faster? Why aren’t I losing weight but I’m holding on…

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Building A Better Relationship With Food

Metabolism 101: It’s not all about weight

These days, the buzzword surrounding metabolism is “boost,” and we get it: 30 years ago, when we invented our original nutritional powerhouse Almased…

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Diabetic-Friendly Shake Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry

198 calories

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Gutsy Moves – The Power Inside

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