How Almased Works

Almased began at the kitchen table in the quaint town of Bienenbuttel, Germany in 1980. There you would find holistic therapist, Hubertus Trouille, combining nature with passion for improving the health of his patients with a slow metabolism. Concocting a special powdered formula, Trouille’s goal was to stimulate the metabolism biologically and help people feel noticeably better. He realized that the result his patients experienced from using the formula was not only an activated metabolism that helps people burn more calories in a day, but also the reduction of unhealthy body fat.

Today, the formula has become Germany’s most popular diet. Owned and operated by his son, Andy Trouille - to carry out his father’s legacy, Almased has brought many weight loss benefits to people worldwide. These beneficial effects called “The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon” have been scientifically studied for over 15 years at several renowned universities.

Made from three high-quality ingredients: non-GMO soy, premium yogurt, and enzyme-rich honey; Almased helps boost the basal metabolism and the body burn fat, while retaining muscle mass. Due to Almased’s extremely low glycemic index, Almased also supports healthy blood sugar and insulin level. The result of using Almased is sustainable weight loss, without the so-called dreaded yo-yo effect, where weight is regained once a diet is stopped. Those who use Almased regularly feel great – cheerful, fit and energetic.

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