Almased: The Label May Change — the Goodness Never Does

Holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé was a man with a passion for holistic science.  

Inspired by a mission to help his patients optimize their slow metabolism and improve their health, he worked to formulate a product that would improve the body’s metabolic functions in a natural, healthy way.  

That product was Almased. 

Almased is not just another protein drink or weight-loss shake. It’s an innovative nutritional complex that supports whole-body metabolism. And it all begins with how Almased is crafted. 

Almased’s natural ingredients start with non-GMO soy protein from Bloomington, Illinois using a special extraction process, in addition to raw honey and fresh yogurt.

Labels Change Over Time: The Formula Does Not 

These ingredients make up the same formula that Hubertus Trouillé crafted 30 years ago.  

While many brands water down the quality of their ingredients over time — often adding cheaper nutrients, poor-quality fillers and gums, in addition to synthetic sweeteners — Almased is the same revolutionary formula that’s been changing lives for 30 years. 

Yet, due to the introduction of a new flavor option, different Almased product designs, updated mixing directions, and certain nutrients or benefits of the formula being featured at different times over the years, Almased’s label today looks different than the label of 5, 10 or 25 years ago. 

Here are 5 reasons why the Almased product packaging has changed over the last 25-plus years: 

A New Almond-Vanilla Flavor Was Introduced 

Last year, an Almond-Vanilla Flavor version of Almased was introduced. The almond-vanilla flavor combines nutty almond goodness with sweet floral vanilla, giving Almased an aromatic blend of delicious natural flavor. 

You have the choice of Almased in its classic ready-to-flavor powder and its new Almond-Vanilla flavor.  

Either way, it’s the same exact formula packed with the superior nutrition you crave and your body needs.   

Natural Variations in Powder Color 

Occasionally, we receive a question about why our natural formula sometimes may vary very slightly in taste, color or smell.  

Sometimes, people have a set idea about how a powdered meal-replacement product “should” look. If it varies slightly one time from a can they purchased one year ago, some customers may think there is something wrong with the product. 

Fortunately however, the very slight variations in color are quite normal. Our formula has remained the same.  

Nevertheless, since Almased is a natural product each lot or batch can have slight variations in taste, texture, and color based on a range of factors, including, for example,  how much grass the cows are eating or how much rain or soil minerals the non-GMO soybean plants received that season. 

Yogurt made from milk that comes from pasture-raised cows, for example, naturally has a slight yellow color because of the extra beta carotene found in this highly nutritious milk.

This Can Looks Like It Has More Powder Than That Can 

Sometimes when we open up a can of any powdered supplement or meal-replacement product, it appears that one particular can has more powder than another can of the same exact weight. 

How a can of Almased sat on a shelf, and especially how long it sat there, can cause what’s called “settling” to occur. This just means than the powder in one can may naturally become more dense or settled in the bottom half of the can. This is nothing to worry about.  

Just opening the can and giving it a shake usually aerates the powder, making it more fluffy again.  

But even if that doesn’t work, it has nothing to do with the quality of the formula, how fresh it is, or how well it will work.  

It is fresh on shelf for two years, and it will start working for you the very first day you start taking Almased. 

How Much Almased Should I Take – Has This Changed Over Time? 

The caloric needs for each person are different.  

While 8 Tablespoons of Almased plus 10–12 ounces of liquid is still a good very general guideline, serving amounts calibrated to a person’s height and intended use (for weight loss or supplement use) will likely increase a user’s success on the Almased Diet. 

Over the last 1 to 2 years, Almased has begun to recommend the height-and-use-calibrated serving size recommendations, as per the chart below. 



For Weight Loss 

For Supplement Use 

Up to 5’2” 

8 Tbsp + 10-12 oz liquid 

6 Tbsp + 8-10 oz liquid 

5’3” to 5’5” 

10 Tbsp + 13-15 oz liquid 

8 Tbsp + 10-12 oz liquid 

5’6” to 5’8” 

11 Tbsp + 14-17 oz liquid 

10 Tbsp + 13-15 oz liquid 

5’9” to 6’1” 

13 Tbsp + 16-20 oz liquid 

11 Tbsp + 14-17 oz liquid 

6’2” to 6’4” 

14 Tbsp + 18-21 oz liquid 

13 Tbsp + 16-20 oz liquid 


Ingredients Added to the Supplement Facts Part of the Label 

We have added certain ingredients, such as Vitamin D and Niacin, to the “Supplement Facts” section of the can label so you know the amount you receive per serving.

Some of our old labels mentioned these ingredients on the ingredient list. Again, the same exact formula, but just some rearranging.  

To view our nutritional information, click here

Almased is still manufactured under the same quality standards and patented processes that were established when it was originally developed. You can rest assured that the ingredients, manufacturing, quality and efficacy standards are at least as good, if not better, than those which existed when Almased was first introduced. Almased’s label may change, however the formula and goodness never will. 


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