• Adults over age 50 have specific nutritional needs.
  • Older adults need more vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B-12, and protein.
  • People 50+ are at higher risk for obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, memory loss, diabetes, and macular degeneration.
  • Avoiding high-GI (and high glycemic load) foods are critical. . .so is avoiding white foods and pre-packaged meats.
  • Better metabolism helps the body, brain, and digestive system.
  • A faster metabolism helps us avoid age-related muscle loss and helps us burn fat more efficiently.
  • Research shows that a low-glycemic high-protein diet (LGHP) — including Almased — can boost the basal metabolic rate (BMR), increase calorie burning and improve how the body handles fat and carbohydrates.
  • You can complement your new and improved diet and physical activity program with Almased, the low-glycemic and high-protein shake that helps us optimize our metabolic health!
  • Almased — along with a healthy diet and physical activity —  helps us not to be chained to our genetics and frees us to write the next chapter of our health destiny!

Some of us can connect the dots between our unhealthy eating patterns and mood swings. Nutritional imbalances and fluctuations of blood sugar are often the culprits. 

These diet shortfalls may be caused by eating too many processed or refined carbs, skipping meals, or cutting out entire food groups from your diet.

Such habits can cause blood sugars to swing up and down, leading to low energy levels, tiredness, and feelings of irritability. 

The link between nutrition and mental health is complicated, and there is still much left to learn. But research is mounting up and does show how food can affect mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders.

This is THE biggest day of your life. So many things can go wrong, so you can't just "not worry about it." What if it rains? Will the mascara smear if I cry? Or worse - what if the dress doesn’t fit?

Of all essential bridal diet tips, first, determine when to start a diet in time for the wedding. Define your ideal weight and figure how much you want to lose. If you’re looking to cut 5 to 10 pounds, allow about 5-10 weeks ahead of time. If you'd like to shed more, start even earlier.


  • Sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss, is a primary cause of decreased life quality and longevity.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise help to reverse age-related muscle loss.
  • In addition to aging, there are 4 factors that increase muscle loss: low physical activity, inflammation, stress, and inadequate calorie and protein intake.
  • To help prevent muscle loss, scientists recommend consuming 25-30 grams of protein at each meal. This is where the Almased Phenomenon goes to work for you.
  • You can lose muscle by doing too much cardio, which will also slow down your metabolism making it more difficult to burn fat.
  • Read these 5 tips to help build muscle for women over 40.
  • Muscle wasting leads to poor physical endurance associated with frailty syndrome. Adequate nutrition and targeted exercise remain the gold standard for therapy.
  • Building bone density by weight training may delay or eliminate the need for bone-building drugs, often prescribed to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Men and women over the age of 60 must lift weights more often than younger adults to maintain muscle mass and muscle size.
  • The Almased smoothies are naturally delicious and can be used for weight loss, weight management and as a wellness supplement.


  • The crusade against aging and wrinkles seems to have begun with the dawn of time.
  • For the healthy glow of beautiful skin, there is no better medicine than excellent health.
  • There are anti-aging foods that can help fight against wrinkles! Since a healthy lifestyle is key to feeling good and looking your best, it stands to reason that diet and exercise play a crucial role in any anti-wrinkle regimen.
  • Antioxidants such as astaxanthin, protect against sun-damaged skin when taken as a daily supplement.
  • When using Almased, a natural meal replacement powder, there are no worries about getting enough nutrients from the foods you eat. You can see the glowing effect of Almased in your skin, hair, and nails.