Many of us want to lose weight, look slim, and feel healthy. If that’s our goal, then we need to dial up our metabolic switch

Anyone who has battled the bulge yet remains stubbornly overweight may think they are forever stuck with a slow metabolism, but that is not so.

A slow metabolism can be revved up, and here's where to start.

When it comes to weight loss, protein rules - it boosts metabolism, reduces appetite, and allows the body to burn fat first. But you won't lose weight by adding protein without eating fewer calories overall. 

Almased protein shake recipes offer a quick and delicious way of adding more protein to your diet. All calories have been counted, and with a low glycemic index of 27, there are no carb concerns either. 

These 10 recipes are so tasty they’ll shatter anyone’s idea about so-called “diet shakes.” 

What is “weight loss detox”? It can be a valuable step toward a healthier and more fit life, and right after the holidays is a perfect time to start.

If you’re among the many duking it out with your weight, here are 5 proven diet tips that can help you succeed. You can trust they really work since they come straight from our Almased Success Stories.

Supplements have the power to super-charge your health, to optimize your diet and to help—along with exercise—transform your life. But, you have to make sure you choose the right supplements that are formulated with clean ingredients—and without the bad stuff.