Plus 5 Tips to Power Up Your Exercise Diet


  • What ingredients are important to you for sports nutrition?
  • What are the benefits of different proteins for muscle-building and recovery?
  • Is the amino acid profile of sports nutrition products important?
  • Why is Almased good for active people?
  • These 5 tips can help you improve metabolism, assist in weight loss, and hold on to muscle.

It was the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who taught, "Let food be thy medicine."

Even 2,500 years ago, he knew that food was central to not only survival but, more importantly, to our ability to thrive.

And so it stands to reason that what you eat makes you feel better or worse, now and over the long haul. Certain foods promote wellness, sustain an ideal weight, and improve how you feel. 

If we choose healthy, nutritionally packed meals and supplements, we can keep metabolism running smoothly to meet the energy demands of the body, in addition to supporting healthy blood sugar. 

If You Are What You Eat, What Are You Eating? New Insights Into Boosting Our Metabolism 

The source and quality of our food supply have sure changed a lot in the 10,000 years since our ancestors planted the first crops.

And a 2019 study from the University of Washington links bad diets to heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. The authors say that poor diets are linked to over 11 million premature deaths worldwide every year.

But the Global Burden of Disease Study, published in 2016, puts that number at 39 million—seven out of every 10 deaths around the world!

Our diets have become piled high with unhealthy sugary beverages, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and processed food.

We all have work to do, deadlines to meet, errands to run, and a gazillion obligations to family and friends. 

And now you want to add “how to lose weight” on your to-do list of goals you’re going to research? 

It’s not as daunting as it sounds. 

Maybe you want to downsize your tummy flab, but that takes in-depth tactical planning and radical willpower, right?

Actually, no. It doesn’t have to. A radical mindset is not a must for weight loss success.

In fact, according to Registered Dietitian Jamie Luu, small lifestyle changes, over time, can reap substantial health rewards – including weight loss and improved body composition. 

Read on.  

Plus 5 Myths and Facts About Meat (and Plants)


  • Myth 1: Our Paleo ancestors ate massive amounts of meat. They didn’t.
  • Myth 2: Humans only started eating plants 10,000 years ago, when farming began. Try 2.5 million years.
  • Myth 3: Meat has the most protein…and the best quality protein. Soy may just be our winner.
  • Myth 4: Meat is the healthiest source of protein. Not with today’s processed, industrialized food supply.
  • Myth 5: I have to give up all meat to eat more plant-based diet. Nope. You just have to move plants to the center of your plate.