new study in Science explodes almost everything we thought we knew about age and metabolism. 

One of the most comprehensive studies on metabolism ever conducted, it involved over 80 researchers, took over 40 years, and studied data from 6,500 people between the ages of eight days old and 95 years. 

The first thing the study blew away was the conventional understanding that men always burn more calories than do women — the study found no calorie-burning differences in the sexes, after accounting for other factors.

What can be more discouraging after weeks of dieting than the numbers on the scale? If you find yourself stepping on the scale day after day in hopes you’ll see a significant change, only to be disappointed by unmet expectations, then you’ll be happy to know that there are more ways than one to measure your weight loss and the scale doesn’t have to be one of them.


  • 21 Days to a Healthier Metabolism? 
  • The Fasting Phase — Phase 1 — Days 1 to 14 
  • The Reduction Phase — Phase 2 (Days 15 to 21) or Until Your Goal Is Reached 
  • The Stability Phase — Phase 3 — Several Weeks or Indefinitely As Needed 


  • The Almased 14-Day Fast 
  • How It Works 
  • How Do I Get Through the Fasting Phase? 
  • The Almased Diet Program: Your Key to Weight-Loss Success and Metabolic Mastery 

Your diet affects how you feel and how well your body functions. 

While a nutrient-dense, well-rounded diet supports your immune system, a diet that’s low in nutrients and high in ultra-processed foods impairs immune function